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    Utopia Uncovered: A Blursed Stalkers Story

    Stalkers RPG was created by Suicune's Fire and Neo Emolga. They deserve full credit for every character brought up in this story and I claim no facts to be my own. Well... maybe a headcanon or two here and there. This can and will be taken down if requested.
    CURRENT POLL(S): Story Idea Poll

    Ah, Utopia. A heavenly paradise home to hundreds and thousands of Pokémon of all shapes and sizes. With such a vast, peaceful place being known for housing deceased Pokémon long before the War Of Souls began and the Emissaries were called in to save the universe. But surely it's peaceful all of the time, right? Right?

    Yeah, no way hozay.

    Located in Utopia is what we call the Redemption Abode. Home to all of the Pokémon once enslaved by Enthrallers, things seemed to be a bit different here because negativity very much existed here. In no way was this frowned upon, only accepted as being possessed by an Enthraller long ago had a very weak affect on this house. Times by thirty seven (plus the eight Squawkers for good measure), and you've got this! A wacky, sitcom-esque story following what goes on in this somewhat unusual part of Utopia. Whether things go good, bad or confusingly in between, one thing is for certain: Stalkers or not, this lot are gonna have a LOT going on!

    "Gallen's Inspiration Loss"
    PLOT: Gallen still loves painting, but he's lost inspiration to do so. With no Enthraller to corrupt him, he turns to fellow artists Tashy and Alishia for help. How are things going to play out for the Gourgeist?

    "A Step Up From Before"
    PLOT: Dakku isn't a fan of Lilosh's cowardice and attempts to make her tougher with very unexpected results. I say that because now Dakku is the only one who can save the abode from Lilosh's new reign of 'terror'.

    "Drama To The Third Degree"
    PLOT: Hattika gets roped into an argument between Kanja and Yurtag, but even when their sides of the story are revealed it still makes little to no sense.
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    Oh. My gosh. I am so excited for this. XD Please ping me when you post literally anything.

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    Well I'll be, interest from the one and only Xanthe. Well, that's a better motive to get this done if anything!
    PART ONE: Gallen's Inspiration Loss
    Requested Ping(s): @Suicune's Fire forgive me if that doesn't work, I am NOT a master pinger at all
    "Hrrrmmm... agh, it's no good. Still nothing..."

    Previously known as Roulx back in Silvercoal City, Gallen the Gourgeist was at the same fate he was in before that now obliterated Enthraller took ahold of him: Stuck without any inspiration of what to paint. With Utopia being the way it was, there was no way for the Grass/Ghost type to be magically relieved only to become a mindless killing machine not even a day or so after, which left him in a bit of a slump. No matter where Gallen floated and how many gorgeous sights of Utopia he saw, nothing was clicking and it was very upsetting.

    The Gourgeist had gazed upon his blank canvas, holding a paintbrush up to it to see if anything would spring into his head. Much to his upset, no dice. "This seriously sucks. The closest thing I have to art is this camera those Emissaries fixed up for me... did they do that? Y-yeah, I think they did. Still... as beautiful as Silvercoal is in these I'm just having nothing..." He had quietly grumbled, only for his grumbling to be acknowledged by the first ex-Stalker longing for success in art: Tashy. And all she needed to see was the blank canvas to get an idea of what was going on.

    "Oh, hey Gallen! Struggling with art, huh?"

    "Huh? Oh, yeah Tashy. It's not like back in Silvercoal because of.. ya know... but it's extremely sucky."

    "I totally getcha! Not having inspiration is the pits, but it's worse when you get promised fame and acceptance only for it to be corrupted like it was.... you know?"

    "That was like five years ago Tashy."

    The two had shared a bit of an awkward silence which was occasionally broken by Gallen clearing his throat, but a sudden burst of an idea has come to him with a gasp so he had excitedly questioned the Furret to confirm his suspicion. "Ah, Tashy! May you remind me of the Exactan Stalker group?"

    "Oh, sure. First there was Taliea, the Azumarill who was known as Labyrinth, Alishia the Milotic who was Obscene then..."

    Gallen had suddenly hovered away upon hearing the mention of a Milotic. Tashy had followed in a equally fast pace, questioning why he had suddenly ran off but all the Gourgeist had said was for Tashy to do the math. Even though that sounded more like a Saps thing to her, she attempted to piece an explanation together while still pursuing a now excitedly mumbling Gallen.

    "I'll take it you're asking for permission because of the Poko incident?"

    "Wh... when did you hear about that?"

    Gallen and Tashy had tracked down Alishia, mostly for the sole reason that Milotic was apparently one of, if not the most beautiful Pokémon to roam the land. That reasoning had only just hit Tashy, but she had shoved it aside for a moment to inquire on this so called 'Poko incident' that Alishia was on about. "Hey, uh, what's Poko gotta do in any of this?"

    The Milotic had casted a somewhat puzzled gaze to the Furret. "You don't know? It was when... oh, may I share the information?"

    "Be my dang guest, I've lost pride in worse ways."

    "Alright. So you see..."

    Alishia had went into comically large amounts of information about how Gallen had attempted to paint Poko a few days ago without the Skarmory knowing to cure his inspiration loss, only for it to backfire so horribly that you could barely recognise the Gourgeist from how splattered with paint he was. Tashy was in hysterics by the end of the explanation, while Gallen just rolled his eyes.

    "Yes, yes, hilarious," He had began with slight anger that went away quite quickly. "But that is correct. What could be better for the cure to my lack of inspiration than a Pokémon as stunning as you?"

    "That's very flattering... so of course. Is there anything you shall need me to do?"

    " You look wonderful in this position as is! Now allow me to go and gather my..."

    "Just use my stuff! No big deal." The Milotic had interrupted, signalling to all of her supplies scattered around the room. Gallen, while originally taken back from this, happily accepted the offer and grabbed some paper and pencils before starting to scribble down a drawing of Alishia who was simply idling in the small pool of water she had in her room. By the end, Gallen had created a wonderful looking sketch and the two others had gathered to look with Tashy first to comment.

    "Wow, as a fellow artist that's amazing! I can feel the beauty radiating off of the paper alone! Whether that's from the Utopian supplies or your talent I have no clue."

    "Yes, it is quite wonderful. Has it helped you restore inspiration, Gallen?" Alishia had replied with a small laugh, only to be met with a sigh from the dual type.

    "! I don't understand... why didn't it give me inspiration? What even can at this point..?" He mumbled dejectedly, floating out of the room with the drawing in... whatever works as his hands I guess. Gallen felt lucky there was no Enthraller to take over his mind again, but he was feeling pretty hopeless at this rate. Inspiration surely had to come from something majestic, wise, beautiful...


    Or that. Gallen had checked out the call from its source, being Filominon who was around at the time. Marisha was also there and witnessing the event, and the Ditto was right. The Skarmory, once pompous and beautiful, had his pointed head and beak stuck inside of the jar of mild Tamato salsa while flapping his wings frantically. Gallen couldn't take his eyes off of this and didn't notice himself unconsciously sketching this scene in a different light. Once he was finished, the Gourgeist laid his eyes on the doodle and gasped at what his mind had created.

    A Moltres-like depiction of Poko with salsa in place of the flames. It was almost Squawker levels of silly, but it still held beauty and grace to it.

    "Oh my Silvercoal... I honestly don't know how that worked. But still, I think I'm cured! Who would have thought salsa would have saved my hide?"

    He was cut off by the smashing of glass, which came from the Skarmory slamming his head onto a counter which shattered the jar and left him unharmed, but not unclean as there was now a miniature explosion of salsa around the room. He groaned and turned to Filominon with a rather sour look. "I'm gonna have to buy a new jar, aren't I."

    "Yup. I'll come with, though! Surely Utopia has salsa jars that Skarmory heads can't get stuck in!" The Ditto had replied enthusiastically, causing a grumble on Poko's side. Honestly, he blamed the jar for being so small but just a shopping trip? What could possibly go wrong there?

    A lot. A lot could go wrong. But hey, at least Gallen got his inspiration back!


    ("The Quest For Salsa" may or may not become a thing if I feel like it.)
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    Part Two: A Step Up from Before

    PLOT: Dakku isn't a fan of Lilosh's cowardice and attempts to make her tougher with very unexpected results. I say that because now Dakku is the only one who can save the abode from Lilosh's new reign of 'terror'.

    The Redemption Abode was surprisingly busy with life and positivity on the day this story takes place, mostly because quite a lot had sprang up on that day and it was all sports related. An especially big Fantasy Thrashball game was coming up (which the Southwarren and Yaruian Stalkers were more than excited for thanks to Utopia's heavenly streaming services), Silvercoal had re-opened its infamous stadium and was hosting its first official game in around two years, and in general everyone had something to be excited for. Even the shier ones.

    "O-oh, uh, e-excuse me, I just w-wanna get here.. t-thanks."

    One seventh of Yaru's REAPING, Lilosh, meant no harm to anyone. Unlike every other excited soul, she was just hoping to watch this game peacefully. But with twelve others surrounding you that wasn't going to be an easy feat at all, especially with all the chatter going on around her. Yandil was explaining the logistics of each of the teams that were competing to a surprisingly interested Natisha and Dee'mang, while Vendy and Wandon were doing everyone a huge favour by gathering snacks for everybody and Shin going on about how happy the sport made her before her depressive episodes with an understanding Kim listening in. While it unsettled Lilosh slightly, she was just happy to be here. Although the chatter suddenly ceased when a Bisharp announcer started to talk on the large Utopian screen.

    "Alright folks, welcome back to the Fantasy Thrashball League and we are still in our quarterfinal state here. Competing today in Yaru's Light Stadium we have Yaru's very own Dawn Corral lead by Sacho the Magmar and Southwarren's Industrials which is being lead by Woka the Meganium. Match rules shall be as standard for the League and the match shall start in ten minutes so get comfy, as you aren't going to want to miss this one.That's all for now, Rčn the Bisharp reporting."

    "Oh my," Delta had spoken up at the Bisharp's words. "him bringing up Sacho reminds me of those old days..."

    Dakku, who had been sat next to Lilosh during all of this, had overheard the small sandcastle mumbling an idea to herself and it was pretty well known that Dakku didn't like secrets so she had inquired at what was happening. "What you mumbling about."

    "A-AH! Sorry, you s-startled me... I was just wondering what if we got on sides of the room for w-who we support? Dawn Corral fans can go there and Industrials fans can go over there..." The Sandygast had replied in a loud tone that was unlike her. Because of this everyone heard the idea loud and clear, not to mention how they all went along with it too. That had caused a sprig of pride to well up in Lilosh, and as everyone had gotten into place Vendy and Wandon had returned with the snacks that had been requested. Due to the Weavile's culinary expertise now 553590 (or OBSESS) wasn't involved and the Octillery being happy to help in general everyone got what was requested just as the match had started its opening remarks and whatnot. During this time, Dakku decided to whisper something to the beaming Sandygast. "Hey, if you wanna get a thrill try commanding 'em in your head. It feels fun."

    All Lilosh did was nod as the match had began and all eyes were glued to the screen.

    "I KNEW IT! My one thousand two hundred and ninety three points didn't go to waste even when I supported the enemy! LIFE LESSON EVERYBODY!"


    The right half of the room was ecstatic by the end of the game as the Industrials had dominated the game with a 5-1 victory. Amidst that group was Orin who was happily boasting about his point count while a downhearted Ninian and Kanja (who had also been supporting the opposite team of where they came from) mumbled among themselves although it got very out of hand and VERY quickly too.

    "Man... I can't believe they lost that hard.... Woka sure knows how to pack a punch when he needs to."

    "Woka?! No, that had to be Isuhumi. That Heliolisk's got some kinda superpower if she could save the ball at that moment even when Morik had GUARANTEED the shot would land."

    "He's just a Gligar Kanj... if he were a Gliscor then maybe it would have worked."

    "Whoa, do you not watch interviews? Morik has stated plenty of times he isn't evolving, whether that be for sport or other reasons." Kim had barged in with an annoyed tone.

    "You have your priorities mixed up. Why don't we focus on the more epic bits, like when Sacho..." Someone had began with a mildly nervous tone.

    "We're in the middle of something, Yurtag." Ninian had snapped before he could continue.

    "Hmmph, well EXCUSE me for trying to liven this up!" The Palpitoad groaned.

    "I LOVE THIS CHAOS! Wait. Li's gone." Dakku had began, only to realise her Sandygast companion was suddenly absent.

    Amidst all the clamour and talk, nobody noticed a figure slither up the sofa and onto its backrest before suddenly shouting out. "YOU ALL MUST FEAR ME NOW! MY REIGN OF TERROR BEGINS TODAY!" She had laughed, a bit of an eerie echo coming from her mouth mostly due to her partial Ghost typing.

    Even though everyone turned to Lilosh, Orin was the only one who made a remark. "Terror? We ain't got Abyss anymore, what could be the worst you do?" He scoffed.


    Again, the Vivillon was the only one to react. "That.. is terrifying. VERY."

    Dakku sighed at what her remark at the start of the game and what she had done to Lilosh. So she just shrugged and flipped the channels on the streaming service over and then called out to the Ground/Ghost type. "Yo, Li! It's your cuz' or whatever."

    Lilosh had instantly ceased and slithered to her previous spot, timid happiness back on her face. "O-ooh, you're right...! Noona, you b-better do good here...!"

    The group had murmured how quickly that was diffused only for the Audino to explain that Noona, the Shiny Palossand playing for Silvercoal's Haunted Respite, was both Lilosh's cousin and idol and loved to watch her play whether it was a live match or just rewatching compilations of the team on TopiaView (Utopia's version of YouTube to you and I). It made enough sense that everyone brushed it off and settled in for the match between the Haunted Respite and Kindle Krew with a bit of chatter thrown in.

    "Isn't that Metronome League on after this?"

    "What Metronome League? You mean the one ran by that Sceptile and is having its opening match TODAY?"

    "Yeah Nin, that's the one."

    "I feel like this is over sooner than it should be..."

    "Again, Yurtag, OH MY ARCEU...!"

    "G-guys, can you be quiet now? The game's s-starting..."

    And then the day continued on, with victories and losses dealt in unexpected ways as well as Vendy having to eat a tortilla chip vertically as well as Orin screaming into a bowl of punch. Why they happened? You've got imagination, I think you can make something up.

    - Finish

    Dear diary. Yup, I'm back again and it hasn't even been ten minutes. It's not even my fault this time, Franny is pretending to be Bloodwish again and it's making everyone else from Southwarren do the same besides from me. Everyone knows it's just a funny prank, but even though I'm DEAD and in Utopia but I still feel Type-A enough it really gets on my nerves. Should probably go and resolve it though, see ya in a bit.

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    Part Three: Drama To The Third Degree
    PLOT: Hattika gets roped into an argument between Kanja and Yurtag, but even when the two reveal their sides of the story it makes no sense.



    "AND YOU WERE.... ugh, alright..."

    Hattika grumbled as her feet padded down to the calls of the Kecleon. Most of the Abode's residents were known to call on her when fights sprang up due to her job back in Silvercoal, which the Ninetales found annoying but reasonable. As she walked some mumbles turned into talking, and talking turned to shouting in the blink of an eye. Yet at the time, Hattika just sighed at the sight.

    Kanja and Yurtag were maintaining eye contact the best they could with their heights (I know Yurtag is 0'3 inches shorter than her but let's just say he's smaller than that) while shouting nonsense at one another, unaware of the Ninetales' presence until she had cleared her throat. Kanja was the first to speak up, crouching down and holding a hand over the Palpitoad's mouth so she couldn't be interrupted.

    "Ah, Hattika. I've called you down because this idiot doesn't know how to... are you licking my hand."

    "I'm sorry, I... don't really have teeth so that's all I could do." Came Yurtag's muffled reply.

    "...disturbingly fair... anyways, he can't take a compliment. All because of the banana bread!"

    Hattika just looked in confusion as the smaller Pokémon kicked Kanja in her right shin and suddenly had a burst of aggression. "WE DON'T TALK ABOUT THE BANANA BREAD!"

    "AND WHY NOT?!"


    The argument was instantly brought to a halt by Hattika's outburst. who had walked over and sat down while prompting the others to do so, which they did. After looking the two over, the Ninetales had eyed the Palpitoad first with a serious glare. "You. Your part of this argument."

    "Alright, alright." Yurtag groaned. "So it goes like this..."

    Basically, it was like ten at night and I was trying to make some kinda... I think it was a Pecha Cola float? I do stuff like that when I'm bored. So I just got the cola, got the icecream and made it. But then KANJA bursts in and says 'It's not that bad' so I'M like 'I think you mean great' but NOOO, she says 'I mean not bad' and then she leaves and I'm just really ticked off and... that's what went down. In case you wanted to know that float was less satisfactory then I thought it would be.

    After listening, Hattika had noticed quite a few flaws in the recollection and had addressed them much to the Palpitoad's irritation.

    "Well.. it makes sense, but it does not bring up the banana bread. Kanja, may you provide your alibi."

    "Oh, sure." She responded flatly. Here's the rundown."

    I'd say it was nine at night, and I was just going to get some food before tuning into this one episode of "Criminals Before Starborn" and I found this small plate of chili on the side that looked pretty fresh and so I just took it. The flavours were pretty clearly amplified with Rawst Berries to make the spice bearable for all so I had thought 'Hey, Yurtag works with berries so maybe he made it' so I go to his room and ask if he made it. He said no, but I insisted he did because of the Berry usage but he keeps saying no so I eventually just leave and go watch my show. And that's all.

    Once again, there was inaccuracies but Hattika had come to a conclusion after this thanks to silently comparing both the alibis and mentions of what the two were shouting about previously. "While you two have been mildly... unhelpful... I believe you have helped me get to the bottom of what has occurred. So allow me to shine light onto the truth." She had stated, closing her eyes briefly as she put the final pieces of the puzzle together.

    Both of them had become intrigued at the mention of the truth and perked up as the Ninetales took a quick breath before stating the truth of the previous night.

    "This tale begins at nine in the night as of yesterday. As Kanja has stated, she had intentions to obtain some food before watching the show she had mentioned. Whilst searching the kitchen she did not find the chili as stated, but rather the banana bread you two were shouting about. Kanja had eaten some of the bread and used the sweetness added by Pecha Berries, which I know of due to my own tasting experience, to deduce our Yurtag was behind baking this. So she had went and asked him about the bread, but our Palpitoad companion was too invested in the creation of his Pecha Float to know what Kanja was talking about so the Kecleon had left and as I can see, she consumed the remainder of the loaf. Bring on this morning, and Yurtag finds his creation fully consumed and missing with Kanja putting the empty plate aside before returning to the lounge, thus triggering the argument. And THAT is what truly occurred last night."

    Both the chef and detective had been equally stunned at how accurate this had been. Every detail was spot on from what Kanja had done to Yurtag just not paying attention at all. The pair of them exchanged an awkward glance before looking away again, with one talking after a sly snicker had escaped the Ninetales.

    "Wow... that's where it went. As flattered as I am, you should probably come in my room and tell me next time instead of just standing outside my door." Yurtag said with a speck of guilt in his tone.

    "Yup. Why did I even bother with saying that was chili anyways? Maybe me eating it back in 'Warren made it happen... like acting impulsively or something." Kanja had replied with an equal hint of guilt to her tone. As Hattika was about to speak, someone suddenly shouted her name from upstairs that sounded like Turren with Finichi's voice barely audible in the background. This had caused her to sigh quietly.

    "And I am needed once more..." She had spoken before quietly walking back upstairs and leaving her previous clients to settle their differences. While this happened often, Hattika was pleased to uncover truths like this for the sake of others. The bewilderment was always fun to see as well, but helping was nicer.

    - Finish

    May or may not be ordered!
    Now Live
    Plot: Pokémon UNITE is a thing in Utopia, and it's totally acceptable too! So Daxu decides to stream himself playing it for fun.

    My Heart Splatters
    PLOT: Don't you hate it when the Pokémon who killed your crush is helping set you up with the same 'mon they killed? Because that's what Finichi's gotten stuck with now she sees Krum in Utopia alive and well.

    Day In My Life
    PLOT: We take a look at Yandil's diary on a particularly annoying day for him.

    Just Don't
    PLOT: Normally if you put a scientist and a mechanic in a room together great things happen. Not when it's Marisha and Turren in the room.

    PLOT: Ever heard of Mythbusters? Well, Jagin has decided to make it a thing for Utopia with Dee'mang as his assistant. A lot can and probably will go wrong.

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    Ooooohh man, never once in a million years did I think Stalkers RPG and its characters would be used this way, but it’s heckin’ hilarious in ways I could have never dreamed. xD

    I love this, it’s clever, zany, goofy, and outright enjoyable in many unexpected ways. I can tell you had a lot of fun writing this and I had fun reading it! Looking forward to the next whimsical episode! :3

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    Well I don’t think you’ll be waiting that long! I try to update this bad boy often, especially with the creators themselves supporting this madhouse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by C0L0R3D View Post
    Requested Ping(s): @Suicune's Fire [S]forgive me if that doesn't work, I am NOT a master pinger at all

    Also, normally when I read stories, I like to point out typos as a way to be helpful. :) But if you don't want me to do this and would prefer that I leave my reviews as comments on the story content only, just let me know and I'll stop. x)

    "I totally getcha! Not having inspiration is the pits, but its worse when you get promised fame and acceptance only for it to be corrupted like it was.... you know?"
    This "its" should have an apostrophe. :)

    "That was like five years ago Tashy."

    The two had shared a bit of an awkward silence which was occasionally broken by Gallen clearing his throat,
    This made me lol. XDDD Great imagery.

    OKAY SO I LOVED IT. The idea is simply ridiculous, in the best of ways. XD Gallen failing to gain inspiration by drawing Alishia but getting it back through a SALSATASTIC EXPLOSION was brilliant. I really like your writing style, and how you characterise each of the characters! They're all very entertaining and it was a fun read.

    Also, the "Poko Incident" had me chuckling. XD SO GOOD. I can't wait to read more. Sorry I've been so slow but I'll catch up soon!

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    Heh, yeah I should be able to fix things up and maybe get the next bit up tomorrow

    I call it being able to work on this during school like a certified madwoman

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    Part Four: Now Live
    PLOT: Not only is Pokémon UNITE a thing in Utopia, it's 100% acceptable too! So Daxu decides to stream himself playing it with a few close companions.

    'NOW LIVE: Spirispooks03 + 9 Others'

    Utopia, as we saw when Lilosh underwent her brief change, does anything but miss out on sports. Virtual types included too! On their streaming service known as ULive, which is their version of Twitch to you and I, plenty of gamers of all kinds loved to stream their experiences with audiences large and small. Some of the biggest names on the platform were all recognisable from the genre of games that they played, such as Kyoka25 (A shiny Alolan Vulpix) for their Animal Crossing (As that exists here) streams or Clatters (A Jolteon) for their domination in rhythm games. But the competitive UNITE players on ULive were known to host thousands of viewers almost every day. And currently, one of those big names was in the middle of introducing his team like normal.

    "We got a guest today folk! Besides from my buds Karlio the Tangrowth, Dipp the Oshawott with Mito the Dewott talking in his place because of Dipp being mute and stuff, Bobble the Togedemaru and myself, we have Raniel the Heliolisk here. A lot of you may know him as StumbleFumbleGame, and he's streaming this on his channel if you want his POV for stuff."

    "Yep, glad to be here man."

    Daxu and his squad, known as the Exactarians, were among the most powerful and well respected teams in Utopia but had decided on a more laid back stream with random matches because of their special guest taking the place of their usual fifth member Zowzi the Ledian. It didn't take very long to find a match and the team to start prepping for battle. UNITE had updated quite a lot in Utopia so each member had picked a Pokémon they wanted to play as. Daxu as a Gengar like himself, Karlio rolling with Trevenant, Dipp selecting Blastoise, Bobble picking up the recently added Ampharos and Raniel had chosen the also recent Manaphy by the demands of his chat.

    "Guys, chat is just SCREAMING I use Manaphy. What's wrong with everyone else, chat? Why not Blaziken instead? Don't you want the cool fire fighting starter? That can just be lunch...!"

    A few of Daxu's squad laughed at the comment made by one of Raniel's chat members had made, but Daxu quickly snapped the team to reality by announcing the match was starting soon so all eyes were fixed on the screens.


    Dax_u (Gengar)
    KarTangro (Trevenant)
    Mute_Osha (Blastoise) (SUIT HOLOWEAR)
    Bobbimaru (Ampharos) (SAILOR HOLOWEAR)
    SFGameRan (Manaphy)

    Mapapap (Sylveon)
    breakitdown (Noivern) (VOYAGER HOLOWEAR)
    TripleTret (Venusaur)
    oranberry97 (Blissey)

    After a minute or two, the in-game announcer had exclaimed the start of the match and caused all members of Daxu's squad to scatter. He and Dipp had ran to the bottom path, Bobble and Raniel were up to the top path while Karlio ran for the jungle.
    Both Daxu and his companion were quickly able to burn through the bottom path's roster of wild Pokémon and both reach level four very quickly. Karlio had stayed up at the top path to help out their allies who were under pressure from the opposing Sylveon and Lucario. Yup, Karlio uses they/them. Because I decided for them to be that way. Anyway, moving on.

    On the bottom row, Daxu and Dipp were stuck with two enemies: oranberry97 the Blissey and TripleTret the Venusaur. The Noivern on their team had already been knocked out by a Skull Bash from Dipp (thanks to Noivern not being the bulkiest Speedster about) while Daxu was trying to whittle the pair down with Will-O-Wisps only to be met with repeated failiure. In the team's voice chat though, Raniel had suddenly started exclaiming. "Screw you chat, they need help. I know I'm normally an embarrassment at games but not today."

    Shortly after, his Manaphy character had sped into the bottom lane and unleashed a Bubble Beam which successfully KO'd the Blissey and left Venusaur scrambling for freedom only to be sniped by a Will-O-Wisp and cause Daxu and Dipp to evolve, choosing Shadow Ball and Hydro Pump for respective moves while Raniel replaced his Bubble Beam with Ice Beam over Whirlpool. After this, the three dashed to the goal zone and dumped what they all had there.


    "Whoo, we got it going ON! You ever played this before. Ran?"

    "Yes, I wouldn't just join a game I didn't know how to play. Chat, don't say anything."

    The conversation was quite comically continued in an overly calm fashion even with both Daxu and Raniel being ambushed by the same Blissey and Venusaur pair with Daxu going down while Raniel somehow held the two back long enough to flee. Once the Haunter avatar had made it halfway down the lane, a surprising message popped up on screen.

    '+15! Your team gained EXP points and shields!'
    And just to the right of that message was Bobble's Ampharos avatar. "Target acquired successfully!" The Togedemaru had exclaimed proudly, causing some excited noises to arise from the rest of the team as everyone had scrambled up to Rotom who was already taking a harsh beating from the enemy team.

    “Gah, I doubt we can make it! We need us a trump card people!” Karlio exclaimed before being cut off by an even louder response from a teammate.

    “Sure we do! FIRE IN THE HOLE!” Mito had yelled in Dipp’s place, suddenly unleashing a Surf had went right up to Rotom, but was barely dodged by the opposing Noivern letting loose a Dragon Breath that had snatched the Rotom up right before everyone’s eyes. Bobble made a small comment on how that should be nerfed, but it was brushed off as the squad had began to fight back against the enemies and Rotom who stood in their way.

    It was now the climax of the match because I’m too lazy to write more details out. The scores were surprisingly close for a random match and the brawl for Zapdos had only just began too with Daxu's whole team being there while only four of the enemy team were in combat. The missing Sylveon had been uncovered shortly after it had hidden in a bush near Zapdos and was swiftly taken out. But now the fight was in full swing, with moves flying all over the place.

    "Just flip off already! We want the KFC tonight!" Raniel suddenly exclaimed, trying his best to hold back the Blissey who stood before him. Although his statement was swiftly cut off when he noticed an orange ring appear around Zapdos but didn't know what it meant. The whole of Daxu's gang suddenly burst into panic upon recognising it as the opposing Noivern's Unite Move: Screaming Volley. Hope seemed demolished as each sound wave chipped the Zapdos' health further and further down, right until the bottom.

    "Your team +25 points! The enemy goal zones are now defenceless!"

    Everyone gasped as Daxu suddenly sprang from the ground, landing a powerful Phantom Ambush just in time so that his team could charge ahead while he and Dipp finished off the stragglers in the centre. "Gotta be the protagonist somehow! Roll out, gang!"

    And then came the scoring frenzy. 'What a goal!' echoed in the game as mountains of points were dumped into each goal, with Karlio standing their team's ground by staying back at their own goals and fend off anyone who tried to get the upper hand. Then as the clock ran to zero, the final scores flashed on screen for all to see.



    The team burst into cheers as the match was won, despite it just being a casual Random Battle. Any victory was great for the Exactarians whether that be good or small. As everyone talked to their respective chats, Raniel had suddenly spoken up with laughter to his tone.

    "I got... I think I got something really rare. Let... let me show ya!" He exclaimed while posting an image to the Discord chat the group was in. Everyone had different reactions to it, but Mito was the only one to talk about what she had seen. "That' of the Holowear from the energy gacha! Racer Style Wigglytuff no less, the previous primary reward for Battle Pass eight also known as Legends of Speed!"

    Both players and chat alike had burst into shock, but Raniel's chat had went wild. Mostly because of a certain history their streamer shared, which he had happily exclaimed as Daxu set the lobby up for another game.

    "They used to call me a Drift King back in college, and still do now you know!"


    [NOTE: Raniel is based off of a streamer I watch named RTGame! Right down to the chaotic chat and being a drift king. Also this took a few days because sickness happened. Not cool. Hopefully the next entry won't take too long!]

    I plan on doing Utopiabusters next, and don't want to make ALL the myths up myself, so any suggestions for myths Jagin to try and bust are more than welcome.

    Avatar(s) and banner(s) made by the excellent Neo Emolga for DBR V2!


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