I have tried similar RPGs on different forums, so hopefully this one takes off! It's a relatively straightforward journey RPG. I want to give people some freedom to make their own choices throughout the RPG.

Two years have gone by since legendary Sinnoh trainers Lucas and Dawn (aided by their friend Barry, as well as the Sinnoh Gym Leaders, Elite Four & Champion Cynthia) thwarted Team Galactic’s evil plans. Team Galactic hoped to create a “new world” by harnessing the powers of Dialga & Palkia.
Sinnoh has been at peace since then, with Lucas & Dawn exploring other regions. Cynthia has decided it is time for her to step down.
This is where you come into play. One of you will get the distinct honor of challenging Cynthia for the Sinnoh Champion title. Professor Rowan sent out notices to all cities and towns across Sinnoh about her retirement. News spread to neighboring regions of Kanto, Johto and Hoenn as well. Cynthia requested that only new trainers take on this challenge.
You were selected by Professor Rowan and will meet him at his lab to receive your Starter Pokémon. To mark this special occasion, you can pick one starter from any of the first four regions (anything from Gen 5 onward is unavailable). There is no evil team to worry about, but feel free to let your imagination run wild!
You are still required to face off against all eight gym leaders, after which a competition will take place like in the anime to determine the winner of the Sinnoh League Conference. The winner gets to challenge the Elite Four and then Champion Cynthia herself. If the winner loses to either the Elite Four or Cynthia, he/she will be disqualified and the runner-up will go next (at Cynthia’s discretion) and so on.

All established Crossroads rules must be followed.
No bunnying, unless you have permission from that person.
Try not to be too unreasonably powerful, particularly early on. I won’t be strict on moves learned/evolution, however.
Try to be active! The RPG won’t make much progress if people tend to be inactive. If you are going to be inactive for a period of time, please notify us ahead of time so that we can plan accordingly.
If you have more than one character, please don’t ignore some of them.
Generally, we will be within close proximity to each other, so while some of us may be in Jubilife City, others might be on their way to Oreburgh City. It does not mean some of us are in Canalave City and others are in Sunyshore.
The RPG is PG-13 rated, so keep that in mind. Romantic moments are definitely allowed (for example, my characters are in love) and cursing is allowed.

The Gyms and Gym Leaders are the same from Platinum and appear in the same order, but feel free to give the leaders other Pokemon from what was used in the games or anime (but be reasonable). Same goes for the Elite Four. Also, the Sinnoh League will run just like the anime (and then the winner will have the option to fight the Elite Four).

You are allowed to create as many characters as you want. They could be total strangers, close friends, or whatever. Just be sure to manage all of them. Also, they don’t have to challenge the gyms. They could just be someone who just wants to travel through Sinnoh. Feel free to use a character you had from another RP.

Sign-Up Form:

10+ (Don’t go too crazy though)
Gender: Male or Female
Appearance: Please describe what your character looks like, clothes they wear, etc. Feel free to post a picture instead of a written description (or preferably in addition to a written description)
Personality: How does your character act?
Hometown: Any town/city from the first four regions
Optional, but you could write up a brief overview of your character’s life, so we could get to know them before the RPG starts.
Starter: One from any of the first four regions.
Other: Any other pertinent information you want to share that wasn’t covered in the previous sections.

Only the original 493 Pokemon are available. I am still pondering if Megas and Z-Moves should be available. What do you guys think? Also, I will post my SUs shortly.