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    Electric Vehicles

    Curious to hear what peoples thoughts on EVs are. As a car enthusiast myself who is friends with a lot of car enthusiasts, I hear a lot of different opinions, but also a lot that seem misinformed (both for and against) and am interested to her other peoples thoughts on the topic. Are they the future of transportation? Is the future here, or is it still to far off.

    Curious to hear what other people think. Been on my mind lots recently.

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    I haven't ever driven one, but I've seen a few out there. I think the transition over to electric vehicles is still going to be a few years in the making before people are on board with it and it becomes the only option available.

    The prices for these are still a tinge bit up there, but I think as time goes on, they'll be a little more affordable as tech gets better and cheaper. It's one of those things I'd definitely need to research and definitely need to test drive before I get one, but I think there's a future for them even though it might take a few years for them to fully transition over.

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    Haven't ever been in one, but I would like to someday. While I don't think electric cars can stop climate change, I do think it's a step to reduce fossil fuel usage.


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