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    Pokemon, the final--*HACKCOUGH* Pokemon, the final evolution. These creatures have been around for *hcees sdrawkcaB*. Some are caught by Trainers, others live in the wild. The ones that are caught by Trainers are generally treated nicely. They get food, shelter, and come to like battling for them, realizing that it's fun! But then, there's them. They capture Pokemon and use them for a new form of dog fighting that involves Pokemon, or sell them on the black market. But this isn't the case.

    In a village of Pokemon, a human has managed to dress like one and has gone unnoticed. The individual has been doing this for some time now and we don't know who it is. But we will now. Prepare for justice.

    1) Read all PXR Rules and follow them. FOLLOW THEM!

    2) Read all Trivia/Games Rules and follow them. Follow them, yadda yadda yadda.

    3) Don't fla--Wait, this should be in the Trivia/Games Rules. Or/As well as the PXR Rules.

    4)There are four classes. These are explained below. Each of you will get a class that is randomly selected by me. I won't choose favorites, so I will use a RNG. The RNG in name is RANDOM.ORG.

    5) As mentioned above, the class you get is random. Don't complain to me if you get one you don't like! You will automatically get exiled!

    6) Have fun!


    Terms and Class Info You Should Know:

    Pokemon: You are one of the villagers who live in the village where the Trainer invaded. You can be a Pokemon of any kind; Froakie, Pidgeot, or even Togepi! They don't have much power except to vote or being exiled.
    Privileges: Voting

    Xatu (Seer): You are a Xatu, one who can predict the future. However, you choose to use your power in a different way. You choose to determine who is who during this whodunnit. When preformed, you can keep it all to yourself, or spread the word.
    Privileges: Seeing who is what class, Voting

    Ditto (Protector): You are a Ditto, one who can use Transform to help yourself in sticky situations. However, you choose to use your power to protect someone from being Captured in this whodunnit. Once you do, you choose to hide in the shadows during Exile Voting.
    Privileges: Protecting someone from being Captured, Voting

    Trainer: You are the one capturing all of the Pokemon who live here. You have cleverly disguised yourself so no one will think you're the Trainer.
    Privileges: Being the one we're trying to get, Voting


    -Exile Voting: adj. Voting to determine who to kick out of the village. (AKA Game Over for you)

    -Captured: n. When one of the villagers has been taken by the Trainer. (AKA Game Over for you)

    -Exiled: n. One who was kicked out of the village.

    Extra Info You Should Know:
    -There are two periods in this game: Day and Night. During the Day, I will announce who was Exiled and you can discuss who you guys think is the Trainer. Day should usually start at 4:00 PM [MST -7] Unless it is a weekend, in which it should start at 12:00 PM [MST -7]. Night will start at 8:00 PM [MST -7]. This will be when the thread is locked and who is announced to be Captured.

    -You must send me your vote on who to Exile by 2:50 PM [MST -7]. If you don't, your vote won't be counted if you send late.
    ~The Ditto can choose to send who to protect instead of voting. This will be like voting, you PMing me who to protect.
    ~However, the Xatu CAN both ask to see who is what and vote. This is because it won't affect the game very much, unlike the Ditto, plus, they have the choice of not telling anyone.

    -If you are a Ditto, it will be risky to protect someone. There is a 75% chance that you will successfully turn into a Poke Toy. (Preventing someone from being Captured.) However, that means there is a 25% chance of you turning into a Clefairy instead of the toy and end up being Captured instead of the one you were trying to protect. Either way, it works out for the protectee.

    Have fun!

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    I want to sign up for this!


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