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    Okay...that was not what I was expecting...

    What is Kurosuōba, and how can I purge it or purify it?

    It (and a few other things (I see you Neo)) is Japanese. Its "Crossover". Which is,, intriguing to say the least.

    So far we got:
    [Shukufuku no jozai] shukufuku is blessing, jozai is either help or medicine, which all sounds far less ominous than it seemed
    [Burakkupeji] black page
    [Kagami] mirror
    [Shocho] eh, best I got is "chief" but that would actually be shochō. Might not be Japanese, or it could just be because I'm not actually very good at Japanese
    [Shōchō] emblem
    =Majutsu Investigation Report= majutsu being black magic
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