OOh, its been a while since I posted in here!

Could someone who feels up for some exploring go look at the Seaport Lofts? Its unlikely to be stalker tainted, but there could still be some boobytraps so it might pay to have good health.

I figure my time would most effectively be spent chatting! I might edit this post with a list of potential suspects hahaha!

- Drestan, while wearing the check-all necklace, just in case we need the horrible snivy doll ;D
- Junlus, because raisins
- Vanni or Shesha for mental health help!
- Betta and Terron, even though confirmed, they may have something we need and not want to give it up
- Someone from the dang coastguard, lemme go check who that is... Oh! Its Drestan or Erine!

Well, thats three reasons to go talk to Drestan, haha!