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    Better keep the search up while we still can! Need to keep things going and find every little piece.

    Search: (43) Oceanwatch Citizen Ships

    The time is upon us...

    . Pika Pair with the yellow bundle of fluff Chibi Altaria..

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    That's it, we can look into Kabi some other less urgent time, but for now I need to follow up on some old leads. Some of these stalkers, we aren't even sure where to start!

    Chichi is going to go diplomatically talk to Junlus the accelgor

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scytherwolf View Post
    Well...let's see if there's anything left to find in the remaining unsearched areas. Search (26) The Embermark Plant
    With the arrival of the new day, you help yourself to the pancakes that Benni has provided and after sharing a few discussions and your investigation findings with the rest of the Savants, you head out, making your way toward the Embermark Plant.

    Upon stepping outside, you see the daylight has dimmed considerably and it makes you wonder if it has something to do with the weather, or if in fact the damage that the Stalkers have done is starting to take effect upon even the atmosphere and surrounding environment. If the later is true, you have a bad feeling it’s only going to get worse as the Stalkers continue to make progress toward their dark endeavors.

    After arriving at the plant itself, you start by searching the exterior first. Focusing your attention, you try to detect any presence of Stalker belongings and artifacts and you can almost sense a very faint presence coming from within the building itself. However, you don’t recognize the individual signature. At first, it strikes you as something new that you haven’t experienced before. Upon focusing some more, you realize the signature isn’t a new one, it’s a mixture of two…

    Fallow and Languished to be precise.

    You make one more search around the perimeter of the building, noticing the structure’s condition seems to be in relatively good shape, although with some wear and aging here and there. Still, nothing about it strikes you as unnatural.

    You then prepare to head inside, bracing yourself for what you’re about to see. You find the best way to cope with the sights of many slaughtered Pokémon is not to think about it too deeply. Once you step into the factory, you find it’s not as difficult as you first expected and part of it makes you wonder if you’ve become desensitized to it all. There are many hanging carcasses and slabs of meat and bones, but nothing appears to be recognizable as the Pokémon they once were. Whatever skin, fur, and feathers they once had are long gone. Meanwhile, without their heads, the carcasses seem eerily devoid of personality.

    Meanwhile, many stainless-steel tables, platforms, and conveyor slides snake about the large open plan structure. Overhead, several racks of metallic hooks and hangars are present as well, displaying one carcass after another. As you focus, you sense Fallow’s presence, and you follow the unholy radiation coming from it.

    It leads you to a pile of blood-stained meat cutting tools and equipment, but one of them is deceptively a key, made to look like a cutting tool as it rests besides the others.

    [Bloody Metallic Key] was added to the Team Inventory.

    As you look it over, it suddenly sparks a memory you had from a previous investigation just a few days ago back at the hospital. Back on the basement level, you recall the bloody door at the abortion clinic. Judging by the shape and size of the key, you think this may very well be the key that unlocks the door.

    You then search the lower level of the plant and you find there’s an old sewer entrance here. It seems the plant was using this underground facility to dump waste and refuse many years ago, but stopped in recent days with new regulations. However, it’s now flooded and the valve that would have opened the underground floodgate seems to be missing. You have a feeling none of the employees noticed this as the sewer was almost entirely abandoned.

    As you investigate the empty block-shaped hole where the valve should have been, you can detect that Languished has tampered with this recently. Still, you remember that the old valve itself is back at the farmstead. Chakra mentioned it earlier and how out of place it was at the Percho Mill. For that reason alone, you decide to make note of it that this could very well be the place where it belongs.

    {Flooded Sewer: Missing Valve} was noted in the Team Records.

    At the same time, the water is simply putrid and not even a water Pokémon could swim through this without getting terribly sick while a poison Pokémon couldn’t do it either because the water is quite deep. It seems Languished had a reason for flooding this sewer entrance, the same way a Pokémon would bury something they’re trying to hide. At a first glance, it looks deceptive, looking like an accident happened here.

    You realize you’ll need to come back with the valve if you want to find out what Languished might have hidden further into the sewer. Give the strange and unsettling nature of this nature, you can only guess, but you have a feeling they went through a lot of trouble to hide it. All the more reason to find it and undermine what they’re trying to do here.

    You then decide to head back to the farmstead to once again prepare for tonight. Part of you wonders if you should head to the hospital to find out what’s hiding in the abortion clinic, but another part of you is wondering where this flooded sewer tunnel leads…

    Scy the Tatsujin Heracross (M: Kūsho)
    Health: 20/20 | Sanity: 14/20 | Purity: 19/20 | 10/10 Kurosuōbā | Dodge Rate: 30%
    Perk: Diplomacy, Repair, Security
    Reincarnation Forms: Heracross, Scyther, Centiskorch, Snom, Volcarona
    • Defense Armor: <Empty>
    • Jewelry: +|J| Diamond Necklace+ (2S, 2P)

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    Quote Originally Posted by C0L0R3D View Post
    Okay, Sanity is dipping a bit. Let's not go over the top, and instead just focus on an area I'm surprised we haven't poked yet: right here.

    Search (1): Beachwood Farmstead
    With the arrival of the new day, you join the others over breakfast and share your findings and thoughts about the investigations at hand. For a short while, it puts your mind at ease to be with pleasant company and comradery and when you and the others head out, you decide to stay behind, wondering if perhaps there’s something here at the very farmstead itself. While it has always felt calm and safe while other places in town have unspeakable horrors, you want to make sure those terrors aren’t closer than you think they might be.

    Not that you suspect Benni, but you think maybe there might be something around this very location in town that wasn’t uncovered simply because you and the other Savants have been here for over a week now. You start by searching the inside, but most of the interior seems the same as you’ve seen it every day you’ve been here. Homey country furniture, placid paintings of sunny countryside, and colorful knick-knacks line the shelves. Sights of peace and calmness remind you exactly what you’re fighting for here.

    But then you search around the exterior, and suddenly you realize something. Every day you and the others have stepped outside to begin your investigations, you didn’t stop to focus your attention here, you’ve always headed toward some other destination in town and concentrated on the directions to get there, not on sensing Stalker presence.

    Once you step onto the old country porch like you’ve done every day, you instead stop and focus here and now, wondering if there was always something here that was overlooked and never detected…

    …and you find out you were right.

    There was something here the entire time and everyone walked right by it every day and night without suspecting a thing. It almost disturbs you as you realize just how hard it is to detect the dark work of the Stalkers without concentrating while normal Pokémon can’t even sense the dark presences at all. And if a Savant isn’t focusing, you too can easily let it slip past your senses.

    You close your eyes, carefully lettings your Savant senses guide you. As before, your spirit can feel the foul ethereal stench, and you recognize the grotesque signature as Languished. It seems unsettling that there’s something that belongs to Languished so close by, but you tell yourself it’s better to be found later and taken care of now rather than be never found at all. As you carefully walk with your eyes closed to continue focusing, you get closer and closer to the source and it takes you to a small crawl space beneath the wooden porch.

    Unless you used your senses, you very likely wouldn’t have found this otherwise. You likely would have walked by it even if you did yardwork here on a daily basis. Half-buried in the dirt under the porch deck, you find what looks like a plate-sized medallion, depicting cheerful young children Pokémon at play, including a Pichu, an Eevee, and a Minccino. It almost looks like a simple art piece that you might hang on the wall of a kitchen or family room as decoration and would be right at home with Benni’s other country decorations, but it still carries the Stalker’s taint. On the back of it, there’s a filthy, oil-black ichor smeared around it.

    And upon looking at it more, suddenly something about it starts to connect. Chakra mentioned something about a mural at City Hall that had ichor like this and was an art piece that depicted scenes of community, time, and belonging. He mentioned several metallic medallions were there depicting various age groups and Pokémon demographics, but the one that should have had young Pokémon was ripped out of the wall and some black oily residue was left behind.

    You believe you’ve come across the missing piece.

    [Medallion of Youth] was added to the Team Inventory.

    You’re not quite sure why Languished ripped this out of the mural only to place it here. Were they hoping to hide it here only to use it for later? You decide it’s probably a better idea to put it back as maybe there’s something strange going on here and there’s something beyond what can be perceived.

    You’re also aware Languished might come back here looking for it. While it doesn’t look like it has been moved for a while, you decide you can’t leave it here even if it might suggest to Languished that you’re onto them if they come back and find the medallion has gone missing.

    Just in case, you make one more check around the house, but thankfully it seems nothing is out of the ordinary in this place that has been your home away from home for the past few days now. After having made sure the coast is clear, you find it will be easier to sleep at night, now.

    Colored the Snivy (S: Grass)
    Health: 16/16 | Sanity: 12/20 | Purity: 24/24 | 6/10 Kurosuōbā | Dodge Rate: 40%
    Perk: Diplomacy, Repair, Security
    Reincarnation Forms: Morelull, Palpitoad, Mega Audino, Pidgeot, Cinccino
    • Defense Armor: <Empty>
    • Jewelry: <Empty>


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