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    Stalkers RPG: Dustwoken - Main Action and Team Status [SEASON 1]

    Main Action and Team Status Thread

    You’re now here when Seabourne needs you most.

    This thread will be used for submitting action and will also serve as a reference for the map of Seabourne, what has been found there, who has been contacted, and all of the items that have found and gathered.

    Current Cycle

    Day 8: Day Cycle

    Time Remaining:


    Tuesday, October 18, 2022 10:00:00 PM EST


    Colored the Snivy (S: Grass)
    Health: 16/16 | Sanity: 12/20 | Purity: 24/24 | 6/10 Kurosuōbā | Dodge Rate: 40%
    Perk: Diplomacy, Repair, Security
    Reincarnation Forms: Morelull, Palpitoad, Mega Audino, Pidgeot, Cinccino
    • Defense Armor: <Empty>
    • Jewelry: <Empty>

    Chakra the Tatsujin Jirachi (S: Kūsho)
    Health: 14/16 | Sanity: 11/20 | Purity: 15/24 | 10/10 Kurosuōbā | Dodge Rate: 40%
    Perk: Diplomacy, Repair, Security
    Reincarnation Forms: Pikachu, Pachirisu, Minccino, Victini, Mudkip
    • Defense Armor: +|A| Guardian Armor+ (4H, 2P)
    • Jewelry: +|J| Sapphire Amulet+ (1S, 2P)

    Nickolas "Nicklefool" Foligan the Mr. Mime (M: Psychic / Fairy)
    Health: 20/20 | Sanity: 20/20 | Purity: 16/20 | Dodge Rate: 30%
    Perk: Diplomacy, Repair, Security
    Reincarnation Forms: Hisuian Zoroak, Mr. Rime, Decidueye, Gardevoir, Aegislash
    • Defense Armor: +|A| Security Armor+ (2H)
    • Jewelry: +|J| Prayer Beads+ (2P)

    Maya the Pikachu (S: Electric)
    Health: 16/16 | Sanity: 20/20 | Purity: 19.5/24 | 5/10 Kurosuōbā | Dodge Rate: 40%
    Perk: Diplomacy, Repair, Security
    Reincarnation Forms: Gardevoir, Alolan Ninetales, Meloetta, Baile forme Oricorio, Cinderace
    • Defense Armor: <Empty>
    • Jewelry: <Empty>

    Sam the Deerling (S: Normal / Grass)
    Health: 16/16 | Sanity: 20/20 | Purity: 23/24 | 5/10 Kurosuōbā | Dodge Rate: 40%
    Perk: Diplomacy, Repair, Security
    Reincarnation Forms: Nidorino, Krabby, Blaziken, Ralts, Delcatty
    • Defense Armor: <Empty>
    • Jewelry: +|J| Ruby Pendant+ (2S, 1P)

    Scy the Tatsujin Heracross (M: Kūsho)
    Health: 20/20 | Sanity: 14/20 | Purity: 19/20 | 10/10 Kurosuōbā | Dodge Rate: 30%
    Perk: Diplomacy, Repair, Security
    Reincarnation Forms: Heracross, Scyther, Centiskorch, Snom, Volcarona
    • Defense Armor: <Empty>
    • Jewelry: +|J| Diamond Necklace+ (2S, 2P)

    Scroll the Alolan Vulpix (S: Ice)
    Health: 16/16 | Sanity: 20/20 | Purity: 24/24 | Dodge Rate: 40%
    Perk: Diplomacy, Repair, Security
    Reincarnation Forms: Shinx, Luxray, Silvally, Ultra-Necrozma, Eternatus
    • Defense Armor: <Empty>
    • Jewelry: <Empty>

    Lewisia the Shaymin (S: Grass)
    Health: 16/16 | Sanity: 20/20 | Purity: 24/24 | Dodge Rate: 40%
    Perk: Diplomacy, Repair, Security
    Reincarnation Forms: Gallade, Arctozolt, Galarian Rapidash, Mawile, Hisuian Typhlosion
    • Defense Armor: +|A| Sentry Armor+ (2H)
    • Jewelry: <Empty>

    ChiChi the Tatsujin Tapu Lele (M: Kūsho)
    Health: 16/20 | Sanity: 20/20 | Purity: 10/20 | 10/10 Kurosuōbā | Dodge Rate: 30%
    Perk: Diplomacy, Repair, Security
    Reincarnation Forms: Corviknight, Milotic, Aurorus, Espeon, Alcremie
    • Defense Armor: <Empty>
    • Jewelry: +|J| Dreamwatch Necklace+ (Wearer gets notified if they speak or have spoken to a Stalker)

    Lyric Winterheart the Tatsujin Brionne (M: Kūsho)
    Health: 20/20 | Sanity: 15/20 | Purity: 20/20 | 10/10 Kurosuōbā | Dodge Rate: 30%
    Perk: Diplomacy, Repair, Security
    Reincarnation Forms: Brionne, Mega Ampharos, Hisuian Goodra, Latios, Amaura
    • Defense Armor: <Empty>
    • Jewelry: <Empty>

    Doom Tracker

    The true objective of the Demoni is not known, but the dark ritual carries on. Fed by blood. Fed by death.

    Active Dark Event 1: Kill Counter:

    Active Dark Event 2: Mission Disclosure:

    Stalkers Status:
    0/6 Stalkers Eliminated


    DEADPUS - #54 Betta the Zigzagoon
    EXONULL - <Unknown>
    FALLOW - #39 Drestan the Pelipper
    INZEKTH - <Unknown>
    LANGUISHED - <Unknown>
    EDIFICE - #31 Korak the Nidoking

    Team Inventory

    Equipment Items:

    +|A| Scale Armor+ (3H)
    +|A| Combat Armor+ (3H)
    +|J| Blessed Armband+ (1S, 1P)

    Stalker Key Items:

    [Deadpus's Phylactery]

    [Raze Cache]
    @[Fang of the Crippled] Piercing Bite – ROCK (3 Health Damage, 3 Purity Damage)@
    @[Fang of the Traumatized] Piercing Bite – ROCK (3 Health Damage, 3 Purity Damage)@
    [Fang of the Broken]
    [Bloody Thorn Wreath (Part 1 of 3)]
    [The Demonic Instruments]
    [Emerald Fields Townhouses Burial Location]
    [1st Half of the Void Orb]
    [Steel Valve]
    [Bloody Metallic Key]
    [Medallion of Youth]

    Majutsu Relics
    @[Shiryoku] (Sight) - ~3 Kurosuōbā
    @[Shadoumemorizu no hon] (Book of Shadow Memories) - ~6 Kurosuōbā~@
    @[Shukufuku no jozai] (Blessing Tablet) - ~2 Kurosuōbā~@
    @[Pureto jo] (Plate Tablet) – ~2 Kurosuōbā~@
    @[Shadoutsuru] (Shadow Tools) – ~6 Kurosuōbā~@

    [Unopened Note]
    [Ancient Chalice]
    [Ceremonial Knife]
    [Occult Figurine]
    [Bloodstained Armband]

    Puhdistus Ritual Relics
    [Putki] (Conduit)
    [The Avain] (Key)
    [The Olemus] (Essence)
    [Destroyed Ritualli Tome: <Repair>]

    Black Moon Relics
    [=Black Moon Assassin Sigil=]
    [Aether Prism] x2
    [Obscurité Shadow Essence]
    [Jagged Ombre Blade]
    [Vault Key Mechanism]
    [=Assassin’s Cant=]

    Team Records:

    =Sarkkan Note 1st Half=
    =Sarkkan Note 2nd Half=
    =Majutsu Investigation Report=
    =Ohnashan Note=
    =The Red Message=
    =The Blind Note=
    =Seabourne Police Report=

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    Seabourne Town Map

    (1) Beachwood Farmstead – Owned by Benni the Appletun, this is one of the few remaining active farms within Seabourne and has been doing well thanks to Benni’s ability to keep up with demand and has been careful with her crops. For the time being, the Savants have been staying here in this location while Benni has been providing you and your allies with welcoming hospitality.
    [Medallion of Youth] was found here.

    (2) Beachwood Orchard – This is the field where Benni grows most of her crops. Due to her consistent care, the fields and orchards are doing quite well and have plenty of fresh and delicious fruits. While Benni is usually welcoming, she greatly dislikes it when Pokémon wander about in her orchard.
    [Raze Cache] was found here.
    =Ohnashan Note= was found here.

    (3) Kako Industries Field – Kako Industries, a commercial farming operation, has ownership of this large field of tancorn, a semi-sweet corn-like vegetable that most Pokémon find delicious and appears in many recipes throughout the world.
    {Destroyed Taika Temppeli: Needed Taika Tekstit AND Palauttaminen Mantra}

    (4) Kako Industries Farm – This commercial facility processes the tancorn that is grown and harvested in the northern field. While the facility is in generally working condition, there has been wear and tear over the years and a lot of the equipment is due for maintenance or to be replaced entirely.
    [Putki] was found here.

    (5) Jadebreeze Forest – This small patch of trees is one of the very few forests in Seabourne as most of the area is costal. Not too many Pokémon go out of their way to visit it and generally no one wanders into it. It’s too large to make public use of, but too small for the adventurous to explore.
    {Old Dusty Lockbox: Missing Medallion Key}
    @{Funsui} - ~5 Kurosuōbā~@

    (6) Seabourne Public Library – This rather large library is filled with both fiction and nonfiction books and print media. While there are a few audio tapes, the collection is quite limited and most visitors don’t expect much out of it. In general, the building, despite being old, is still in good shape and sees visitors on a daily basis.
    =Sarkkan Note 2nd Half= was found here.
    @[Shukufuku no jozai] - ~2 Kurosuōbā~@ was found here.
    @[Burakkupeji 1 of 2] - ~3 Kurosuōbā~@ was found here.

    (7) Seaport Lofts – This large apartment building is home to several middle to low income Pokémon. The building hasn’t been maintained for a while and the landlord, Kreetea the Victreebel, only has her concerns set on collecting rent despite tenant complaints. As a result, a few lights don’t work and the walls and floor could use fixing, but no one is volunteering to do it for free.

    (8) Seaport Plaza – This small strip of stores includes The Canopy Bakery, run by the young Tatch the Pachirisu, which Tatch keeps colorful and cheery while fresh and delicious aromas waft about the store. In the center is First Choice Hardware, run by Namrea the Krokorok, which has most of the tools Pokémon could need though empty shelves and low inventory have often been a gripe for her customers. Meanwhile, the last small retail spot has been vacant, but was last used as a wine and liquor seller. Some of the signs and shelves still remain, although barren.
    =Sarkkan Note 1st Half= was found here.

    (9) Macro Market – A mid-sized supermarket franchise that has an active location in Seabourne. Macro Markets are known for being quick, easy, and upbeat to shop at with a convenient selection of produce, grains, frozen foods, seafood, and meats, and this Macro Market is no exception.
    @{Shadow Vase: Missing Dark Flower} ROCK – (6 Purity Damage)@

    (10) Seabourne Geothermal Power Plant – As the main power supply for Seabourne’s power grid, simply put, without it, Seabourne would be left in the dark. The plant itself is in good condition, but has been lacking personnel support lately. Meanwhile, some of the machinery is in need of maintenance.
    [The Avain] was found here.

    (11) Hitchhiker Restaurant (ABANDONED) – What used to be a popular grill and meeting space for dinner and alcoholic drinks fell on hard times after the owner, Prete the Meganium, lost his wife Ficea due to a stroke, and become clinically diagnosed with depression. The spark of life that the restaurant staff and customers enjoyed was gone, and soon the numbers died down. Today, the restaurant is mostly vacant and slowly falling victim to the elements.
    {Old Combination Safe: 4-Number Combination}
    [Unopened Note] was found here.

    (12) Reliable Med Clinic and Urgent Care – Despite being on the quiet western side of town, Reliable Med is true to its name and most Pokémon in Seabourne prefer it over even the main hospital itself. Doctor Vanni the Umbreon and her assistant Shesa the Arbok make a good team and most Pokémon find it quick and find the staff friendly and attentive.

    (13) The Baywill Museum and Gallery – Almost seemingly out of place, this large and expansive museum is host to thousands of artistic paintings, sculptures, relics, and artifacts from many civilians and centuries. While it does get quite a few visitors, it’s the kind of museum one would expect to see in a big city and not a small fishing harbor town like Seaboure. Hershal the Torterra, who owns the museum, occasionally visits from time to time, investing in Seaboure for the long-term, expecting the town to grow. However, so far his investments haven’t had the desired effect as of late.
    {Skeletal Murkrow Cabinet: Missing Wings}
    @[Fang of the Broken] Piercing Bite – ROCK (3 Health Damage, 3 Purity Damage)@ was found here.

    (14) Greenvale Centre Apartments – As a luxury apartment building, only those that make a considerable income can afford to live here. The building is very well kept and feels inviting with all of the flowers and shrubberies on the outside and inside.
    [Black Lily Insignia] was found here.

    (15) City Hall – Run by mayor Mortek the Garchomp, this large building has existed since Seabourne’s founding and has been kept in good shape ever since. Though usually welcoming, lately the building has had a rigid and almost intimidating aura to it given everything that has been going on.
    {Mural of Time: Indentation of Youth}

    (16) Mortek’s House – This is the mansion where Mortek and his wife Tayou live. It is kept in impeccable shape and is roomy and lavish enough to support a family, even though Mortek and Tayou have no interest in having children. And by now, they’ve gotten too old for it.

    (17) Centerbrooke Apartments – As another medium-income apartment building, Centerbrooke used to not be renown for much until strange, paranormal occurrences started to take place only five years ago. Strange writing on the wall, flickering lights, strange eerie music playing in the halls at night, and rumors of it being haunted by a child Sandshrew. Some of the tenants think it’s pure nonsense, while others seem to randomly wake up screaming and are looking to move out.
    [=Sigil Fragment 1=] was found here.

    (18) Copper Plains School – As an experimental school for young and adolescent Pokémon, Copper Plains focuses more on technical skills like math, writing, and science as opposed to the arts like painting, music, and acting. Most young Pokémon aren’t too happy with the school and find themselves prone to feeling uncreative and unexpressive. The building itself is old and wasn’t always a school, but the grounds are maintained and the learning environment feels safe, at least.
    [Eye of Blood] was found here.

    (19) Overlook Apartments – This well-maintained apartment building is relatively new and was recently constructed to replace the old, dilapidated Steiner apartment building that was rumored to be haunted and was the site of several brutal murders in the past. But something dark about the Steiner building didn’t leave when they cleared the rubble that short while ago. Some Pokémon that live her attest that they’ve had strange dreams involving “the furnace” and medical diagnoses that were never in their family history before, begging the question if there’s a relation or if it’s just coincidence.
    [Eye of Shadow] was found here.

    (20) Seabourne Post Office – This old brick building has been standing for generations and hasn’t changed very much over time, although modern additions like plumbing and electricity were added that weren’t there before when the building first went up. One of the workers there, Misch the Tangrowth, has recently gone missing and there’s been no trace of him.
    [Aether Prism] was found here.

    (21) The Colbyi Estate – This mansion used to be owned by Fredno the Electivire, a kindly old gentlemen who used to host parties and invite anyone that was pleasant company. After passing away, the estate was bought by Colbyi the Turtonator after the bank had seized the property and Colbyi was able to buy it before it hit the market. Now, Colbyi lives a lavish lifestyle here, unconcerned at whatever else is befalling the town.
    {Chest of the Guiltless: Implantation of Sin}

    (22) Charms and Chimes Gift Store – This cheerfully-colored and welcoming store and apartment is owned by Jupo the Whimsicott, who inhabits the second floor apartment with her roommate, Narshen the Cinccino, who runs a small financial advising business in an office area on the second floor.
    [Eye of Blood] was found here.

    (23) Seabourne Hospital – This large, brown and gray stone hospital has been with Seabourne for generations, but it has a dark history and much of it is covered up with deceptive marketing, public relations damage control, and deceit. Proof of some of the more heinous incidents of medical malpractice and patient moralities due to negligence has been hidden or destroyed.
    {The Fallen Mantra Mural: Unspoken Macabre Words}
    [Ancient Chalice], [Ceremonial Knife], [Occult Figurine], and [Bloodstained Armband] were found here.
    (23a) Interior <SEARCHED>
    @{The Aborted Blood Door: Bloody Keyhole OR <Security>} Diabolic Razor Edges STEEL – (3 Sanity Damage)@

    (24) The Percho Mill – This old, small factory and steel mill produces all kinds of steel parts and components as a supplier for many assembly plants throughout the region. The owner, Beltha the Salazzle, has wanted to expand on the building to generate more business, but its historical status and its proximity to the hospital prevents her from doing so, much to her frustration. As a result, the mill has a stressful and overworked environment due to the amount of work and lack of capacity and staff.
    {Storm Drain: ^Small Pokémon^}
    [Steel Valve] was found here.

    (25) Seabourne Office Plaza – This complex of white-collar offices are relatively new to the town and replaced a series of small residential homes that were in poor condition. Both Brixel, a chemical corporation and Ennomark, a distribution company, have corporate offices here. Building B was once used by Restro Insurance, but vacated two years ago when the company went under. Employees of both Brixel and Ennomark have attested to seeing odd flashes of red light in Building B, especially during the evening hours when they’ve had to work overtime.
    {Shadow Vault: Vault Key Mechanism}
    (25a) Brixel Chemical Corporate Building <UNSEARCHED>
    (25b) Seabourne Office Plaza Building B (ABANDONED) <UNSEARCHED>
    (25c) Ennomark Distribution <UNSEARCHED>

    (26) The Embermark Plant – This meat-packing plant has been controversial by activist groups for years, as it deals with preparing and processing countless catches of Shellder, Krabby, Goldeen, Magikarp, and many other fish Pokémon for distribution in that grim subject matter of “who gets to eat and who gets to be meat” debate. Other non-aquatic Pokémon like Farfetch'd, Miltank, Bouffalant, Tauros and many others are slaughtered and processed here as well for their poultry and beef products, having lost the battle of being considered “too civilized for slaughter.”
    [Bloody Metallic Key] was found here.
    {Flooded Sewer: Missing Valve}

    (27) Southshore Chapel – This large and ornate cathedral is dedicated to the worship of the Eon twins, Latios and Latias, under the practice of Eonology, which believes it wasn’t Arceus who created the world, but instead these two brother and sister Pokémon with what they call the “Balancing Power.” Masses consist of songs and sermons. Unfortunately for Eonologists, many Pokémon denounce this circle of faith and as a result, the chapel is often vandalized with offensive graffiti or the damaging of the cathedral’s statues.
    {Statue of the Blood Sister, Latias: Missing Eye AND Missing Eye}
    [Severed Head of the Blood Sister, Latias] was obtained.
    {Statue of the Shadow Brother, Latios: Missing Eye AND Missing Eye}
    [Severed Head of the Shadow Brother, Latios] was obtained.
    =The Vandalized Plaque=

    (28) Beachwood University – This old but still in relatively good shape university has a long history of preparing students for vocational roles, such as engineering, architecture, metalworking, construction, and other blue-collar positions. Ever since Namrika the Braixen was murdered by the Stalkers, students haven’t been showing up to class and have been using the current situation to excuse themselves from school, but demand passing grades and graduation regardless. There are a few students that still show up to class religiously and expect to graduate while the “cowards” should not. As a result, it has erupted into a bit of a civil war on campus.
    {Phudistus Makuuhuone: Missing Arvomerkki}

    (29) Twinbank Apartments – Mostly used by Beachwood University students, the Pokémon living here are often rowdy, noisy, and have been known to be up at all hours at the night. Pokémon that prefer quiet time and to get a good night’s sleep would hate living here, but for those that like to party and socialize, it’s a paradise. However, the building is often dirty, trash is littered about, and graffiti is rampant everywhere. Meanwhile, there is the presence of the “Middie Room” on the second floor, an apartment where the last three tenants all committed suicide, one by hanging, another by drug overdose, and the third by self-inflicted stab wounds. The Middie Room apartment has been locked up since the third suicide, but it’s the subject of many ghost stories on campus.
    [Burnt Wings Mount] was found here.

    (30) Anchorpoint Warehouse A – Mainly used by the Anchorpoint Shipping Company, this warehouse is used for product storage and has many freight containers along with repair equipment. Ordinarily, nothing too out of the ordinary has been here, although a short time ago, there’s been rumors of Pokémon going inside late at night, thought to be Beachwood University students performing a hazing ritual, only no one ever came back out. However, no bodies or anything of that nature has been found. At least not yet.

    (31) Anchorpoint Warehouse B – As the eastern warehouse used by the Anchorpoint Shipping Company, most of the space in this warehouse goes unused, although the back half of it is being used to store boxes and crates of metal parts and tools. Recently, there was a pool of blood found here, but no body. A DNA test was performed on the blood, but there were no records on file as to who the blood belongs to.

    (32) Birthright Chapel – Those belonging to the Birthright parish believe in the original creation story of Arceus. In recent years, this small church has fallen into disrepair, despite having a solid 75% attendance capacity. Lately, there have been heated rivalries toward Southshore Chapel’s attendees, and evidence of the rivalry can be found in graffiti on the walls and offensive symbols cut into the stones.
    {Stone Lockbox: <Security>}

    (33) Shoreside Houses – These cozy houses enjoy scenic views of the beach and a calm of welcoming atmosphere. Most Pokémon would enjoy living in one of these houses, but there’s only so much room and only those that make a steady and considerable income can afford them. The only issue is the unsightly abandoned harbor to the west.
    (33a) Kasso the Heracross’s House <UNSEARCHED>
    (33b) Eltzen the Ambipom's Mansion <UNSEARCHED>
    (33c) Altrea the Eldegoss’s House <UNSEARCHED>
    (33d) Korak the Nidoking’s House <SEARCHED>

    (34) Vanni’s Estate – This large, welcoming estate is owned by Vanni the Umbreon. Overall, the building is kept in good shape and the atmosphere is quite inviting. Meanwhile, the grounds are well maintained and feature plenty of flower beds and well manicured shrubberies.

    (35) Anchorpoint Shipping Company Headquarters – As one of the main shipping companies in Seabourne, Anchorpoint is one of the leaders in overseas shipping and aquatic freight carriers in the region. Meanwhile, this structure also features a marketplace for Pokémon selling fish to be used as seafood. Again, there is still some backlash here as many of the fish are indeed water Pokémon.

    (36) Seabourne Coast Guard – Servicing as the maritime law enforcement, search and rescue, and security authority for Seabourne, many of the Pokémon who work here are well-trained and are vigilant. Meanwhile, the building itself is highly secured and is active at all hours of the day and night.
    @[Burakkupeji 2 of 2] – ~3 Kurosuōbā~@ was found here.

    (37) West Dock Marina – Harbored here are a number of fishing and recreational boating vessels owned by several of the Seabourne citizens. As part of long age-old tradition, when the owner of a boat passes away, their boat is sunk to the bottom of the ocean as opposed to being inherited by their family. Oddly enough, the Stalkers have been in compliance with this tradition for their victims in an eerie, morbid way…
    [Destroyed Ritualli Tome: <Repair>]

    (38) The Righteous Rider – This large commercial fishing vessel has been used for roughly about a decade now. Captain Gresdo the Toxicroak is the proud owner of the vessel, although his crew has dropped considerably as Gresdo has high expectations and is known to sail into perilous waters.

    (39) XSHO Freighter 413 – Owned by the XSHO Freight Corporation, this large container vessel has been ordered to stay at port due to an incident where a Morgrem was crushed to death by a shipping container snapping from the harness. Malco the Toxtricity, the head of the Seabourne Coast Guard, has ordered Llanas, the captain of the ship, to stay docked while they do a full investigation. He believes it was an intentional murder while Llanas insists it was simply an accident. Nonetheless, they have quickly grown to despise each other.
    {Broken Freight Locker: Fire Source}

    (40) Seabourne Police Department – While the coast guard handles all of the aquatic law enforcement, this building handles all the Seabourne concerns on land. Unfortunately, while it was able to handle the demand in earlier years when crimes were small, this understaffed and underequipped small police precinct isn’t able to address all of the crimes and atrocities that go on in Seabourne.
    =Majutsu Investigation Report= was found here.
    @[Kagami] - ~4 Kurosuōbā~@ was found here.
    @[Shocho] - ~2 Kurosuōbā~@ was found here.

    (41) Oceanwatch Condominiums – This large condominium building is home to quite a few residents in Seabourne. Generally, it is in good condition and has a nice view of the ocean, but it has its cons as well, including problems with noise and tenants getting on each other’s nerves. The only thing that can’t be explained is who or what is responsible for the odd clicking sound that goes on throughout the building during nighttime hours.
    @[Kaba] - ~2 Kurosuōbā~@ was found here.

    (42) The Flying Ace – This black salvaging vessel is owned by Velay the Buizel, who ran away from home and had hopes of being an expert salvager and getting rich off of finding shipwrecks and discovering long-lost treasure. However, he hasn’t found much recently and is often found bartering leftover trinkets for a bite to eat. The Flying Ace itself is in relatively good shape, but without getting the money to maintain it, that may not last for long.
    [=Sigil Fragment 2=] was found here.

    (43) Oceanwatch Citizen Ships – As a space for tenants of Oceanwatch Condominiums to keep their boats and vessels, generally this area is well maintained and cleaned, but sometimes busy. And while there’s unassigned spots, the tenants are very particular about who ties down their ship and where.
    (43a) Small Marina <UNSEARCHED>
    (43b) Dantus’s Yacht <UNSEARCHED>
    (43c) Hashani’s Yacht <UNSEARCHED>

    (44) Jade Acres Park – This park used to be more active years ago, but over time, it started shrinking as the trees on the outside started dying off, leaving only the trees in the center surviving. There’s an old legend that the park was formed after the dead body of Belthan the Chesnaught, a noble defender who protected the town in ancient times, was buried there and his spirit allowed the small forest there to grow. With the park seemingly fading away, there’s rumors that even his vigilant spirit is giving up…
    @{The Altar of Vacancy: Cube-Shaped Hole} Void Rapture GHOST – (5 Sanity Damage)@
    [1st Half of the Void Orb] was found here.
    @{Dorimugeto: Sunadokei Taburetto} – ~3 Kurosuōbā~@

    (45) The Multok Apartment Complex (ABANDONED) – This slowly crumbling apartment building on the western side of town used to be owned by Multok the Sableye, who despite being a ghost, was often quite friendly and even liked to befriend his tenants. And then one day, he just disappeared, as if he was ready to move onto the next life, but no note was ever left behind. Eventually the building fell into disrepair and the tenants eventually moved elsewhere, leaving the cold, empty building behind…
    {Child’s Lockbox: Heart Keyhole OR <Security>}

    (46) The Silver Candle Theater House (ABANDONED) – This large, creepy theater was last used over thirty years ago and has gradually been decaying from the elements. The former owner, Annosha the Hatterene, is said to have kept the theater going as long as possible, even well into her elderly years and even beyond coming down with severe dementia. Those who recall the very last show, “Those Amber, Amber Eyes” ended on a bad note when Annosha interrupted the final performance, screaming and wailing and ordering everyone to leave. Since then, very few have ventured into the old theater house, and no one is even sure how Annosha even died. If she died…
    {Broken Mirror Door: <Repair> AND Indentation of Fragility AND Indentation of Hideousness}

    (47) Our Little Paradise Diner (ABANDONED) – This small café and eatery used to be a nice, relaxing place to grab a bite to eat away from the hustle and if Pokémon wanted to enjoy some peace and quiet. It closed down years ago and has slowly been a victim of overgrowth. Sometimes vandals and trespassers try to explore it, but it’s rumored that if you take something away, it forces you to leave something else behind.

    (48) The Holly Home (ABANDONED) – The Holly family, a family of Mightyena and Poochyena, used to reside here a few decades ago. The mother and father, Mayla and Errando, had four children, Yetna, Mishy, Orlanz, and Kesni. No one knows what ever happened to the family or who is the official owner of the house now, but it continues to stay quiet and empty with all of the family’s furnishings still there, still waiting for them to come home. Most of the valuables have already been burglarized, but there are rumors that one can hear whispers of “the fifth child” and “hours… hours… hours…” drifting around the empty halls and rooms.
    @{The Derelict Crib: Body Cavity} Damned Screaming GHOST – (5 Sanity Damage)@

    (49) Emerald Fields Townhouses (ABANDONED) – As somewhat of a bizarre anomaly, there was a time when three houses were here. One of the houses, the Elona House, still stands in oddly perfect condition and even looks like it continues to be maintained despite no one actually performing work on it for years. The only catch is those that enter it never come out again. The second house, the Nowela House, lies in ruins, clearly having fallen apart from age and decay. Lastly, the third house, the Dewall House, simply no longer exists. There is only a barren plot where it used to be, and the only slight indication that implies anything was ever once there in the first place is the fact nothing grows in that plot. No grass, no weed, no nothing. Grass-type Pokémon also seem to experience seizures if they stand in that plot for some unknown reason, and it only stops if another Pokémon pulls them out of the plot…
    {Foreboding Presence: Location}
    @{Dorimugeto (Dream Gate): Shukufuku no jonzai} – ~3 Kurosuōbā~@

    (50) The Sunshine Farmstand (ABANDONED) – Sunshine Farm used to sell plenty of fresh vegetables and produce in this once lively farmstand. It also functioned as a brewery, selling fermented Oran ciders and other alcoholic beverages. However, despite years of success, the owner, Kayto the Delcatty, fell on hard times when a customer sued her and Kayto lost the case, forcing her to liquidate all her assets and sell the stand and the entire farm.
    [=Assassin’s Cant=] was found here.
    @{Dorimugeto (Dream Gate): Pureto jo} – ~3 Kurosuōbā~@

    (51) The Sunshine Farm (ABANDONED) – What used to be a warm, lively farm now leans on one side, barely holding up the main farmstead. The former owner, Kayto the Delcatty, was sued for everything she owned and was forced to declare bankruptcy, but even selling off all of the property was not enough to repay what she owed. No one knows where she is now, if she’s even still alive, but it’s been quite a few years now and no one has heard from her since. Some say Kayto was never quite the same, and the last time any Pokémon in Seabourne saw it, it seemed like she left a piece of herself behind in that old, sad farmstead.
    @{Hall of the Impaler Hatch: Blood Wreath Offering} Insidious Siphon Spirit GRASS – (4 Health Damage, 4 Purity Damage)@

    (52) The X House (ABANDONED) – No one is quite sure what is house or building is or who even owns it. The odd thing is there’s no public records of it existing and nothing in the town hall archives even mentions owners, building permits, or any hiring of contractors to build it. Meanwhile, the windows have been sealed with masonry and no one is really sure about the age of the building or what it was even once used for. There is only a single door with the most unusual lock…

    (53) ThE PiT (ABANDONED) – As another mysterious building, what used to be a small, two-family apartment building was the site of a brutal series of murders where six Pokémon were murdered and all of their hearts were ripped out of their chests. No one ever found the hearts, but instead, the building was boarded up. It is suspected vandals put the words “ThE PiT” in grizzly, blood-colored lettering by the front door. Most pillagers don’t like to visit it. They say some of the decay in the walls, flooring, and even in the ground have the tendency to depict faces…
    @{The Shackle Door of the Beheaded: Missing Head of the Blood Sister AND Missing Head of the Shadow Brother} Grim Vision of Torment - DARK (3 Sanity Damage, 3 Purity Damage)@
    [Deadpus's Phylactery] was found here.

    (54) Pleasant Waters Harbor (ABANDONED) – Most Pokémon in Seabourne will recommend to avoid visiting Pleasant Waters Harbor and have even warned the name is a misnomer. Most of the ruins don’t seem surprising as decades ago, it used to be a boardwalk area with small stores on the ground level and small apartments on the second. Most of the building has collapsed, but vandals and scavengers have claimed that strange, frightening things can be found there, making it an unattractive place to visit. Things resembling their own personal fears and anxieties, as though there’s something psychological about this dark, forgotten place that seems to know more about you than you know yourself.
    @{The Deranged Clockwork Door: Corrupted Conduit Pyramid AND Servitude Essence AND Implementation of the Demonic Instruments} – Hellish Deranged Presence – NORMAL (6 Purity Damage)@
    (54a) The “Silent Song” Ship <SEARCHED>
    {Crucified Starly Effigy: Stake Sacrifice}
    @[Fang of the Traumatized] Piercing Bite – ROCK (3 Health Damage, 3 Purity Damage) was found here.

    (55) The Comfort Forest – This small forest may look like a typical natural preserve or a simple park from a first glance, but it is in fact a graveyard where Seabourne buries its deceased citizens. Instead of graves and headstones, the citizens plant a tree at the site where they bury the body. It was originally started with the intention of starting new life where one life ends. Others have noticed the trees seem to “behave” differently in this forest. Some claim of voices and whispers at night. What’s also strange is it seems psychic type Pokémon have a hard time dealing with this forest. They hear a certain, unbearable screaming in their heads that no other Pokémon seems to hear…
    {Disfigured Headless Gardevoir Corpse: Sacrifice of the Dishonored}
    {Unmarked Grave: Depiction of Death}

    (56) Velli’s Home – Most Pokémon in Seabourne will tell you to beware of Velli the Sylveon, convincing she’s raving mad and is hopelessly delusional. Her house is in bad shape with the dining room having completely collapsed in upon itself. However, Velli still lives there. Alone. Some wish they would commit her to an insane asylum, but none of the police officers or townsfolk feel brave enough to confront her like that. Instead, she lives mostly like a hermit, growing her own food, living in a decaying house off of a road very few Pokémon still travel on.
    [Encrypted Stake] and [=Sigil Fragment 3=] were found here.

    (57) The Blackstone Mansion (ABANDONED) – This large, dark, forlorn mansion was once the home of Basol the Swanna and Kurita the Swellow. Despite their attempts, they simply couldn’t start a family as none of their eggs would hatch. After they had been reported missing, they were later found dead from what looked like a supposed suicide pact. Now, the house stands cold and silent with Basol’s and Kurita’s possessions still there, caked in dust as the elements slowly cause the mansion to crack and crumble.
    {Corpse of the Free: Hole of the Broken AND Home of the Crippled AND Hole of the Traumatized}

    (58) Bakot’s Bed and Breakfast (ABANDONED) – This small café and hotel used to be a warm and comfortable place to stay, but the owner, Bakot the Patrat, released the café’s distant location wasn’t ideal and it didn’t see the customers he needed to keep the establishment in business. After only three years of business, he closed up shop and it’s been empty and quiet ever since. Sometimes the wind passes through the broken windows and rings the bell by the door, as if the ghosts of yesterday still visit from time to time.
    =The Red Message= was found here.
    @{Blackened Cellar Door: Blackened Keyhole OR <Security>} Unhinged Nightmare - DARK (4 Health Damage, 4 Purity Damage)@

    (59) The Slacker’s Shack – Unknown to most parents, the Slacker’s Shack, what used to be a house and tavern owned by Lunko the Roserade before she abandoned it due to failing business, now takes the role of a dirty secret clubhouse that rebellious teenage and young adult Pokémon use for late-night drinking, gambling, drug abuse, and other nefarious deeds that they don’t want their parents to know about. While the building isn’t in the best condition and the rebellious Pokémon that use it don’t necessarily clean up after themselves, it is one of the only few buildings on this side of town that at least sees some kind of activity these days.
    @[Pureto jo] – ~2 Kurosuōbā~@ was found here.
    @[Fang of the Crippled] Piercing Bite – ROCK (3 Health Damage, 3 Purity Damage)@ was found here.

    (60) The Roylea House (ABANDONED) – This old white house has turned gray and dirty over the years of neglect it has faced. No one still alive today knows very much about who Roylea was or even what Pokémon they were, but most are under the assumption they’ve long-since passed away. Usually it is quiet by this house, although the windchime that hangs by the front door still rings as the desolate wind gusts by.
    {Old Grandfather Clock: Missing Hands}
    {Dorimugeto (Dream Gate): Atifakutotaburetto}
    @[Atifakuto (Artifact)] - ~4 Kurosuōbā~@ was found here.

    (61) The Last House (ABANDONED) – As with the Roylea House, no one knows who lived here, either, but there is no name by the door to discern who or what even lived in this now vacant house that was the last one build on this block before city planning decided not to continue developing this area of town due to its fading popularity. So it simply got the name of “The Last House” and it continues to stay vacant, although there are claims that the house is still furnished.
    {Black Sanctuary Hatch: Mark of the Lily}
    [Obscurité Shadow Essence] was found here.

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    Suspect List

    1 Mortek the Garchomp ♂ COMPLIANT <ChiChi's Interview>
    2 Tayou the Salamence ♀ MURDERED BY THE STALKERS <ChiChi's Interview>
    3 Benni the Appletun ♀ <Lewisia's Interview>
    4 Raboa the Drapion ♀ COMPLIANT <ChiChi's Interview>
    @[The Blackened Rose] Horrific Defilement - DARK – (6 Purity Damage)@ was acquired.
    5 Santea the Lilligant ♀ COMPLIANT <ChiChi's Interview>
    [The Olemus] (Essence) was received.
    6 Draiet the Chewtle ♂ <UNQUESTIONED>
    7 Tatch the Pachirisu ♂ <UNQUESTIONED>
    8 Namrea the Krokorok ♀ <UNQUESTIONED>
    9 Devin the Snorlax ♂ <UNQUESTIONED>
    10 Chenny the Zebstrika ♀ <UNQUESTIONED>
    11 Vanni the Umbreon ♀ <UNQUESTIONED>
    12 Shesa the Arbok ♀ <UNQUESTIONED>
    13 Jackia the Combusken ♀ MURDERED BY THE STALKERS
    14 Sal the Torchic ♂ <UNQUESTIONED>
    15 Verio the Toucannon ♂ COMPLIANT <Lyric's Interview>
    @[The Demonic Instruments] Infernal Discharge - ELECTRIC (9 Purity Damage)@ was received.
    16 Farshira the Staraptor ♀ <UNQUESTIONED>
    17 Kammia the Starly ♀ <UNQUESTIONED>
    18 Krago the Staravia ♂ <UNQUESTIONED>
    19 Colbyi the Turtonator ♂ <UNQUESTIONED>
    20 Jupo the Whimsicott ♀ <Lewisia's Interview>
    21 Narshen the Cinccino ♂ <UNQUESTIONED>
    22 Eltzen the Ambipom ♂ <UNQUESTIONED>
    23 Rochel the Croconaw ♀ <UNQUESTIONED>
    24 Danuel the Banette ♂ <UNQUESTIONED>
    25 Ressi the Grotle ♀ COMPLIANT <ChiChi's Interview>
    [Aether Prism] was received.
    26 Kasso the Heracross ♂ <UNQUESTIONED>
    27 Sanfer the Druddigon ♂ MURDERED BY THE STALKERS
    28 Myta the Chespin ♀ <Colored's Interview>
    29 Nimsher the Gabite ♀ <UNQUESTIONED>
    30 Jamsaki the Servine ♀ <Colored's Interview>
    @[Shiryoku] – ~3 Kurosuōbā~@ was received.
    31 Korak the Nidoking ♂ COMPLIANT <Lyric's Interview>
    32 Zakra the Kadabra ♀ COMPLIANT <ChiChi's Interview>
    33 Sarkkan the Beautifly ♂ COMPLIANT <Colored's Interview>
    34 Caily the Charmeleon ♀ <Maya's Interview>
    35 Vocco the Wigglytuff ♂ COMPLIANT <Nicklefool's Interview>
    36 Altrea the Eldegoss: <Diplomacy> ♀ <Lewisia's Interview>
    37 Vendros the Noctowl ♂ <UNQUESTIONED>
    38 Malco the Toxtricity ♂ MURDERED BY THE STALKERS
    39 Drestan the Pelipper ♂ COMPLIANT <ChiChi's Interview>
    40 Erine the Swoobat ♀ <UNQUESTIONED>
    41 Captain Gresdo the Toxicroak ♂ <UNQUESTIONED>
    42 Min the Golurk (Genderless) <UNQUESTIONED>
    43 Jobo the Conkeldurr ♂ <UNQUESTIONED>
    44 Llanas the Primarina ♀ <Lyric's Interview>
    45 Ohu the Dhelmise (Genderless) COMPLIANT <ChiChi's Interview>
    [Broken Vault Key Mechanism: <Repair>] was received.
    46 Fletcha the Passimian ♀ <UNQUESTIONED>
    47 Krish the Mienfoo ♂ MURDERED BY THE STALKERS
    48 Dantus the Dragapult ♂ <ChiChi's Interview> <ChiChi's Follow-Up Diplomacy>
    {<Diplomacy> OR Drug Evidence}
    @[Bloody Thorn Wreath (Part 1 of 3)] Dark Lacerations – GRASS – (4 Health Damage, 4 Purity Damage)@ was received.
    49 Yanza the Purugly: <Diplomacy> COMPLIANT<ChiChi's Interview> <ChiChi's Follow-up Interview>
    =Seabourne Police Report= was received.
    [Emerald Fields Townhouses Burial Location] was received.
    50 Velay the Buizel ♂ COMPLIANT <Lyric's Interview>
    51 Hashani the Noivern ♀ <UNQUESTIONED>
    52 Velli the Sylveon ♀ COMPLIANT <Colored's Interview>
    53 Terron the Linoone ♂ <UNQUESTIONED>
    54 Betta the Zigzagoon ♀ <UNQUESTIONED>
    55 Kabi the Lycanroc ♀ COMPLIANT <Nicklefool's Interview>
    56 Tresko the Raboot ♂ <UNQUESTIONED>
    57 Talchea the Azumarill ♀ <UNQUESTIONED>
    58 Nali the Azurill ♀ <UNQUESTIONED>
    59 Junlus the Accelgor ♂ <UNQUESTIONED>
    60 Kulsso the Rampardos ♂ COMPLIANT <ChiChi's Interview>
    #[Eye of Shadow] Spirit Hemorrhage – DARK (4 Purity Damage))# was received.

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    (Bonus fluff post in case needed)

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    Morning has arrived in Seabourne Town
    Submit your Day 1: Day Cycle Action now!

    Time Remaining:


    (Monday, May 9, 2022 12:00:00 AM EST)

    @C0L0R3D; @Guildmaster Wigglytuff @ARandomTool @EmeraldSky @sammy0295 @Scytherwolf @Shruikan @Noblejanobii @Lychee

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    On my way to my next adventure!
    I'm going to start by searching the library--maybe there's still some books in there that have clues?
    Everyone has a dream that fills their heart. A journey they must take. A destiny to fulfill. As close as your imagination exists a magical place, where wondrous creatures with incredible powers help make dreams come true. It's the world of Pokemon!!"

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    Gonna try searching (13) The Baywill Museum and Gallery. Seems like a museum could have some interesting info?

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    I'm going to search 40, the police department. Maybe I'll get some special intel by snooping around, but at the very least I can find out who is on the force.

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    Okay, note to both self and all. Stay away from that ‘PiT’ until absolutely mandatory. O-or do go whenever, I’m not really in charge of you… sorry.


    Something to do, though… by looking through archives of past Stalker journeys, Lita’s taught me one important fact: get your bearings with those Stalkers!

    [ACTION DECIDED: Search (36) Seabourne Coast Guard]
    Focus on looking for anything Stalker related, but I’ll take what I get.

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    I'm gonna take it a little easy for now. Make sure everything is okay at the school. Maybe I can get some lead from there.

    Maybe I can even make a kids day a little better and play! At least help try and cheer them up if anything.

    (18) Copper Plains School

    The time is upon us...

    . Pika Pair with the yellow bundle of fluff Chibi Altaria..


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