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    Anyone else do this?

    When replaying a game, particularly an RPG where I have a lot of freedom, semi-roleplaying the story to inform decisions and gamepath?

    The last time I played Skyrim, I used alternate start to arrive in Windhelm as a Drow refugee from Morrowind, with nothing but the clothes on his back and a few coins, attempting to make a life in Skyrim. He dedicates himself to learning the enchanting craft (effectively, me grinding to level 100 enchanting), before joining the College of Winterhold, rising through the ranks to become the Arch Mage. After that however, he hears rumours of vampires attacking, and in an attempt to gather intelligence, without giving away that the Arch Mage of the College of Winterhold is investigating the Vampires, he joins the Dawnguard as a new recruit, talented in magic, before discovering the sealed daughter of the leader of the vampires, who is attempting to stop a world shattering scheme by her father.

    Currently replaying Breath of the Wild, and having a lot of fun roleplaying this a little.

    Link awakens, and follows instructions from the spirit of the king, meeting Impa, who from there, instructs him to free the Divine Beasts. Link however, has been struggling to beat even the most basic enemies, let alone Calamity Ganon, and instead, focuses on travelling Hyrule, recovering his memories, and gaining strength and tactical wit by finding and completing the Shrine Trials. He eventually, stumbles across Korok Forest by complete accident, attempting to find another Shrine (funny story, I was going there because I needed Shrine's and figured the one there would be a good fast travel point for when I have thirteen hearts, but forgot a torch. By some miracle, I managed to get to Korok Forest...), and discovers the Sword that seals away Darkness, however is still too weak to remove it from its resting place. He spends more time growing stronger, and gaining memories, before finally being able to reclaim the sword. Somewhat arrogant in his newfound strength, as well as desperate to rescue Zelda, having reclaimed some of his memories, he recklessly storms Hyrule Castle, thinking he will get the upper hand by sneaking in through a hole in the prison wall (an excuse for me to get the Hylian Shield, and unlock the memory near Zelda's study). However, Link is nearly killed, when he has a flashback of an arguement he witnessed between Zelda and her father. He takes refuge in a room which he soon realises is the ruins of Zelda's private quarters and study, reading her diary, and realising that Zelda's faith is in the Divine Beasts as well as him, and that if he can make it out of the castle alive, he needs to free them, and Zelda will simply have to wait a longer, having already waited a hundred years for him to wake. Link escapes the castle, with his sights set now on regaining the last of his memories and freeing the Divine Beast.

    Anyone else RP their characters to dictate or justify their game path? Got any good stories?

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    I know I've done that in the past. Haven't had the chance to go back and replay through any games as of recent. Maybe soon though! I never did finish replaying through Skyrim myself. Kinda miss that. XD

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    Not...really? I probably should, though, but I don't really play games like that except for Genshin.


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