Release your Hidden Power!
With plenty of amazing Pokemon podcasts! Because we are back with another addition of Podcast Central! With a brand new podcast to include! Look deep within you because that is where you can find the Hidden Power Podcast!
The Hidden Power Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by DustyGogoat, LumiosePost and SoulSilverArt! With their YouTube powers combine! They make up the Hidden Power Podcast! They are a podcast that focus on the latest news, speculation and anything they wish to talk about! If you are in for a good listen about any Pokemon topic then these guys will have your back! So kick back and take another vague NPC quote about Hidden Power and find your Hidden Power in this podcast!
How are you guys doing? Summer is coming which means potentially a lot of Pokemon podcast listening time. Though, I am starting up work on Pokemon Podcast Month! It is coming this July! If you have a favorite Pokemon Podcast then let me know in our Listener Feedback! That way you can be part of Pokemon Podcast Month!
With all of that said! Don’t touch that Totodile! It is podcast listening time!
Podcast Spotlight

Hidden Power: Predicting the Next 5 Years | DLC, HOME, Remakes, Gen 10– DustyGogoat, LumiosePost and SoulSilverArt take a look at the past few years of Pokemon! Then they try to take their best guess to see what is coming for Pokemon in 2024, 2025 and beyond! So far beyond that they are at the 30th anniversary! Will we get more Legends games? Or normal straight remakes?
The Purified Podcast: (Raid) Shadow Legends! (Ft.PKMNCrossroads) – Chris and Luis have Mikey from Pokemon Crossroads! Look. Anybody who let me talk for more then one hour deserves to be here. We talk about general Pokemon things and what like and want changed in Pokemon GO. It isn’t a lot but we can talk a lot. Especially me.
Pikapi Podcast: What’s Love Got To Do With It? – Anne is tackling the battle of the sexes! Using an episode that didn’t do it correctly in early 2000. Still, she brings up an interesting factoid about the characters of the day that even I didn’t realize! So you want to listen!
I Chews You: Corsola – The ICY Boixs are back in town with a Pokemon that is cooking up some good puns! You got Corsola Cola and more! Perfect episode to enjoy that perfect meal!
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