Halloween is the season to get dressed up!
And you bet that plenty of Pokemon fans got out and dressed up for Halloween this past Tuesday. Today we want to show off some amazing Pokemon costumes that people put on for Halloween. Some of them are spooky. Others are just plain amazing.
So join us as we take a look at some amazing Pokemon costumes for Halloween!
House of Mouse!

Sooooooooo we dressed up as a Maushold. @starriannaisa Thank you for helping me out together my costume! Now let’s get this bread cause you know I got cheese. pic.twitter.com/bZdPtwgJCr
— Necrostevo (@Necrostevo) November 1, 2023
Necrostevo decided to get their group together to cosplay an amazing Maushold! This house of mouse is ready to go out on Halloween!
The Scariest Thing in VGC

Dressed as the scariest Pokemon thing I could imagine for day 2 of Toronto…Incineroar returning to VGC Happy Halloween! pic.twitter.com/CkFAKlKBC4
— Sierra Dawn (@sierradawnx3) October 31, 2023
Sierra Dawn is getting ready for the scariest thing in VGC by dressing up as Incineroar. Soon enough this bad cat is going to come back and VGC will be a nightmare!
The Professor is In

“Here, I have a Poké Ball. Touch the button on the middle of the Poké Ball, if you’d please. No, no! Not that button! The button on the Poké Ball.” -Prof Rowan pic.twitter.com/tKLjhCzqLh
— Lord Admiral Matthew Gaston (@MCKGaston) October 31, 2023
Lord Admiral Matthew Gaston decided to go out for Halloween as everybody’s favorite Sinnoh Professor. Professor Rowan! Better not leave the briefcase laying around.
Prepare for Trouble!

The way I keep serving for Halloween must be studied
Embodied Jessie from Pokémon’s Team Rocket for Halloween 2023!!! ? pic.twitter.com/xv1P9a8Erl
— VVYND — Countdown out 8 NOV (@VVYND) October 29, 2023
Because Jessie is here! VVYND went out as one of the most dangerous members of Team Rocket, Jessie! And they are not playing as VVYND whips that hair back and forth.
Blocking the Path

??a sleeping pokémon blocks the way!??
so i dug out my onesie and spent 3 hours amusing an endless line of kids (and lots of adults, apparently) by “sleeping” on the front lawn.
after a rough year, and given my burnout, it was low-key the best #halloween costume~!! https://t.co/4KS4K3zufF pic.twitter.com/4CTOM9WV34
????× ? prince ciarán #Youmacon! (@CiaranStrange) November 1, 2023
Better watch out! CiaranStrange is blocking the path as a Snorlax this Halloween! If you want to get that candy then bring your Poke Flute!
Pokemon Fan Club is Here!

Chip Richey is out with his family as the Pokemon Fan Club! Right from the old TCG card! And everybody is here from the baby in the Pichu onesie and the Bonsly toy!
We hope you enjoyed these Pokemon costumes on Halloween. And that you also had a great Halloween yourself!
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