Cake by the ocean!
Wait…That is wrong. Did I mess up the joke already? Oops. Well…How about we talk about our brand new addition to Podcast Central.
The Beach Court Podcast is a podcast from Florida! Right by the beach! And right by the beach is Eric, Parker and Maddox as they talk about different topics in the Pokemon TCG community. From the latest tournaments to just getting some awesome guests on the podcast. They hit up all the TCG for you to get up to date on the latest.
We are hitting the end of the Pokemon competitive season. Before you know it, June will be here and NAIC! One of the biggest Pokemon events of the season! I hope you are excited about this! Because I sure am! Hopefully you can spot me in the crowds of this huge tournament. Still, I guess I am done with my talk.
Except…Hang in there kids who are hitting the last days of their school year. Almost there!
Don’t touch that Totodile! It is Podcast listening time!
Podcast Spotlight

Beach Court: The Story of LDF| Orlando Regionals Review| Twilight Masquerade Discussion– Little Dark Fury hits the beach on the Beach Court Podcast. He talks about his history with the Pokemon TCG and content creation. Especially on what makes him excited to play a brand new deck. After all, LDF can’t play just any meta deck. It has to be off the beaten path!
P.U.C.L. Podcast:How Do We Interact With Pokemon? – Thatch and the council talk about how they have interacted with the Pokemon community. From all the way in the early 2010s to now! How has the like of the Pokemon community from online to YouTube has changed! A great meta talk on the community.
Good Morning Johto: May 10th 2024– Lane is here to talk TCG! All TCG! He talks about the Pokemon TCG, Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic…and pretty much all of them. From the actual cards to how easy they are. Even their future. Great to listen if you love TCGs.
Critical Ditto: Wild Charge #10– Some of the fighting has ended but there is plenty to talk about. Especially with how some fights ended. Pretty sad from a sad previous episode. Still, Kenny, Brandi and Theo do what they do best. Get up and fight on! Towards the end!
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