Welcome to the Gible Bite's Gibletize Thread!

This thread was created for fans of the comic to post information to have a character made for them or a character they would like to see! Like many other comics cameos are welcome but will have limits and may only be featured in a one shot. However, if you take time out of your day to fill out the form. I will make sure I take the time to add your character!

Gibletize Form
Which Pokemon(s) Would your Character Be: (listing a couple different pokemon will help me out!)
Color Scheme of your pokemon?: (You are not limited to the normal colors. Just look at Gible)
What makes your pokemon Unique Appearance wise: (So your pokemon have a shorter tail than the traditional look?)
Items or Clothes: (Does your pokemon wear clothes are carry around something with it?)
Pokemon Friends: (Does your character have a partner in crime. If so please follow the basic guide line above to give me an idea. You can also just post basic pokemon info for the friend)
Bad Traits:
Good Traits: