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    O: This is getting so intense! Sorry I've been absent and not commenting lately. I think your art just keep getting better. I love the last panel so much--it's very dynamic! How do you get all those cool colours?! O: Of the lineart and the lighting... Probably layer styles, right? Anyway, it's super effective (hue) and I love what's going on. Lol, poor Reggie. XD

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    @Suicune's Fire

    It's okay. This section has been dead anyway. I stopped checking for responses a few pages ago, really.

    And yeah- I use a lot of layer styles. Usually a mix of Multiply, lighten, and sometimes vivid light, screen, and overlay. The lineart colors are just a clipping mask over the lines. I forgot to do that for this next page, but oh well.

    Note: There's an error on the previous page in the last panel. I colored in the wrong twin. Whoops. Will fix at a later date.

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    Here's the next page. Slowly trying to get back on a regular update schedule. PXR, however, won't be getting the updates at midnight like normal on account of me being overseas and not being able to post at 12 AM home time. I'll post a news post in the near future regarding the status of the comic and all.

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    OO: SO INTENSE! I love the flame charge effect! And the steel wing. And the fact that they can't actually defeat them... :3 Interesting! I wonder if that's the case. Let the battle rage on!

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    What was that noise?

    One thing's for certain: It can't be what I think it is.

    Seriously: what is it?

    It's the sweet sound of progress! The sound of a Milestone being reached! It means we're one step closer to completing our quest!

    Right. Only I've never, EVER, heard it before.

    In other words...

    We've Achieved Something.

    Everyone- turn to your left. Shake hands with the person standing next to you, and say, "Well done."


    Okay. So it's not gonna work if EVERYONE turns to their left...

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    Here's the REAL page 20, guys. xD The last one was for April Fool's! I replaced all the text with quotes from MTMTE. Cause why the hell not.

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    What this? An early page for PXR?

    Yeah. I'll probably forget in the morning. That and it IS midnight here in Germany, though I am going to be sticking to the Central Time updates for SJ uploads.

    Oh, Naya. You tried. At least you looked epic for all of one panel. <3 Silly Naya. Silly silly.

    Had a lot of fun with this page. xD I think I'm awful at drawing Kabutops, but I think that last panel turned out nicely. If people ask, I'll post a version of it without the honey (I added that last).


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    Echo: Be careful not to...
    Echo: yeah... this was already spoiled... I blame neko for spoiling this cliffhanger

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    Early page on PXR this week cause I won't be on to post it this weekend. I SHOULD have wi-fi... I just don't want to count on it. xD


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