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    Livestream Page!

    Gonna post any announcements regarding livestreams/ sessions here!


    Edit: Over! Thanks to everyone who came.
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    About to start! Gonna do one PRS page then whatever afterward.

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    Gonna start doing these again. It's been a while. Let's see if anyone shows up.

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    Here's another- already (mostly) done with the page, but I'm being poked to stream- soooo....

    Done! Page will be up on SJ in about ~4.5 hours. Getting back onto normal update schedule, hopefully. No bonus updates for the time being... just trying to get Fridays on track- then I'll worry about Tuesdays.
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    Darn, I totally would have showed up had I not been fast asleep! xD

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    GEtting ready to start another stream!

    Edit: Technical difficulties. Attempting to get stream back up.

    And we're back!

    Edit2: BREAK TIME - Be back in 15

    Edit3: Break Over- internet being stupid though.

    Several hours of streaming later, and I finished up two pages~!
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    Gonna finish up Page 22. Already mostly done though- probably won't be a long stream.

    A page and then some done.
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    Going to work on pages 31-32 of Chapter 5. WARNING: May contain mild spoilers. Mild ones- nothing -big- but still.

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    Working on the Ch. 6 cover

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    Starting shortly

    Edit: DONE
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