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Thread: Neko's Red Randomlocke!

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    Neko's Red Randomlocke!

    It's been a while since I've done a gen 1 nuzlocke of any sort- I'll be doing some randomizations to make it a bit more crazy though. I like crazy.

    Name: Neko
    Game: Red

    Standard Nuzlocke Rule Set
    - Duplicate Clause ON
    - Shiny Clause ON
    - Nickname Clause ON
    - Must find/fight all Legendary Pokemon
    - First Encounter rule starts after Pokeballs are obtained

    Since this is a randomized run, I'll list what specifically I'm having the randomizer do.

    - No Game-Breaking Moves: ON (Prevents Dragon Rage, Sonicboom, etc. at lower levels)

    Pokemon Traits
    - Change Impossible Evos (In game trades > Lv. 35 I think)

    Starters, Statics, and Trades
    - Starters are randomized (basic Pokemon with 2 evos)
    - Static Pokemon are randomized (Legendary <-> Legendary & Normal <-> Normal)
    - Trades Randomized: Both requested and given Pokemon

    Moves and Movesets
    - Unchanged

    Trainer Pokemon
    - Random
    - Rival Carries Starter Through Game
    - Similar Strength: ON

    Wild Pokemon
    - Random
    - Similar Strength: ON

    TM/HMs & Tutors
    - Random
    - TM/Levelup Move Sanity: ON
    - Field Move TMs are unchanged
    - Compatibility: Random, Prefer same type

    Field Items
    - Randomized
    - Ban bad items

    Misc. Tweaks
    - Randomize PC Potion Item
    - Nerf X Accuracy
    - Lower Case Pokemon Names
    - Randomize Catching Tutorial
    - Update Type Effectiveness (So ghost > Psychic)
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    Current Team and Stats

    Level 63
    Ember / Fire Spin
    Slash / Flamethrower

    Level 60
    Double Kick / Focus Energy
    Strength / Bone Club

    Level 60
    Slash / Bone Club
    Dig / Earthquake

    Level 60
    Confusion / Supersonic
    Psybeam / Poisonpowder

    Level 60
    Drill Peck / Peck
    Cut / Fly

    Level 60
    Water Gun / Body Slam
    Amnesia / Surf

    The Box

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    Log of Important Events

    - Chapter One -

    Obtained Starter (Charmander / Bern)
    Beat Gary
    Route 01 encounter: Zubat (Ratbat)
    Route 22 encounter: Spearow (Bow)
    Route 02 encounter: Diglett (Shale)
    Viridian Forest encounter: Caterpie (Orchid)
    Orchid evolved into Metapod
    Orchid evolved into Butterfree!
    Beat Brock! (Team: Bern, Ratbat, Bow, Shale, Orchid)

    - Chapter Two -

    Bern evolved into Charmeleon
    Route 03 encounter: Rattata (Mouse)
    Mt. Moon encounter: NidoranM (Rathalos)
    Route 04 encounter: Poliwag (Curly)
    Rathalos evolved into Nidorino!
    Beat Gary!
    Route 24 encounter: Eevee (Naya)
    Route 25 encounter: Kakuna (Rose)
    Bow evolved into Fearow!
    Beat Misty! (Team: Bern, Bow, Shale, Orchid, Rathalos, Curly)

    - Chapter Three -

    Route 05 encounter: NidoranF (Rathian)
    Route 06 encounter: Goldeen (Rinni)
    Beat Gary!
    Beat Lt. Surge (Team: Bern, Bow, Shale, Orchid, Rathalos, Curly)

    - Chapter Four -

    Diglett's Cave encounter: Wartortle (Flo)
    Route 09 encounter: Ekans (Reggie)
    Route 10 encounter: Sandshrew (Edge)
    Rock Tunnel encounter: Clefairy (Sylvi)
    Curly evolved into Poliwhirl!
    Shale evolved into Dugtrio!
    Arrived at Lavender Town!

    - Chapter Five -

    Beat Gary!
    Route 08 encounter: Pikachu (Thor)
    Route 07 encounter: Growlithe (Arden)
    Caledon City encounter: Tentacool (Unnamed)
    Beat Erika! (Team: Shale, Bow, Orchid, Bern, Curly, Rathalos)

    - Chapter Six -

    Beat Giovanni

    - Chapter Seven -

    Lavender Tower encounter: Gloom (Weed)
    Route 12 encounter: Hitmonchan (Lee)
    Bern evolved into Charizard
    Route 13 encounter: Bellsprout (Vell)
    Route 14 encounter: Dratini (Ruby)
    Rathalos evolved into Nidoking
    Route 15 encounter: Koffing (Flu)
    Beat Koga!

    - Chapter Eight -

    Safari Zone encounter: Horsea (Nautica)
    Route 18 encounter: Slowpoke (Dopey)
    Route 17 encounter: Ivysaur (Frenzy)
    Route 16 encounter: Venomoth (Mothra)
    Curly evolved into Poliwrath
    Saffron City encounter/gift: Eevee (Ayan)
    Beat Gary!
    Beat Giovanni!
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    ==== CHAPTER ONE ====

    And so it begins!

    My randomized starters are as follows: Abra, Bellsprout, and Charmander

    Needless to say, I'm going to pick Charmander. I WOULD pick Abra... but... teleport. I don't want this run to end on the first battle. I've had that happen to me in randomlockes. I'm serious. I once started with Registeel in an Emerald run. And let's not forget the time I started with Spoint, Magikarp, and Sunkern as starter options...

    I'll be naming my new charmander after a PRS character of mine: Bern!

    He's a grumpy lizard.

    === RIVAL BATTLE ===

    Abra vs Bern. This doesn't feel fair... yet... I'm okay with that. It was a stupidly one sided fight. This is why I never pick Abra as a starter- even if Alakazam is really tempting. Poor, poor Gary. That must have been humiliating.

    --- ROUTE 01 ---

    First Encounter: Zubat
    Level: 4
    Successful Capture!
    Nickname: Ratbat, cause I may or may not have recently been introduced to a thing called MTMTE that dragged me into that fandom.

    Training Ratbat is going to be a pain. D8 Only knows Leech Life

    --- ROUTE 22 ---

    First Encounter: Spearow
    Level: 2
    Successful Capture!
    Nickname: Bow

    Current Levels: Bern-10, Ratbat-7, Bow-2

    --- Route 02 ---

    First Encounter: Spearow

    Second Encounter: Diglett
    Level: 3
    Successful Capture!
    Nickname: Shale

    I'm optimistic with this catch! Spent a little time training up some. Bow seems to hold her own very well! Still worried about Ratbat. He's gonna have some trouble with just Leech Life. I'm probably going to have to switch him out a lot just to train. X_x Leech Life is awful. What freaking game dev decided to give Zubat only one attacking move for the first 14 levels? It's awful.

    --- Viridian Forest ---

    Bern: 10
    Bow: 09
    Ratbat: 08
    Shale: 07

    First Encounter: Caterpie
    Level: 3
    Successful Capture!
    Nickname: Orchid

    Notable Loot: Leaf Stone!

    Some trainers- a few close calls! Shale almost got KO'd and Bow got poisoned- but thankfully I remembered to nab antidotes. Oh how I love the fact poison can't KO outside of battle in later generations. I'm grateful for the wild Kakuna- plenty of easy exp. Except when I've got frame skip on and don't realize I'm using struggle... Whoops. Nearly killed Ratbat that way.

    Made it to Pewter alive- so time to grind!

    Orchid Evolved into Metapod!
    And then into Butterfree!

    Pre-Gym Team and Stats
    Stats are in HP/Atk/Def/Sd/Sp format

    Charmander / Bern
    Level 14
    Scratch / Growl / Ember

    Zubat / Ratbat
    Level 10
    Leech Life / Supersonic

    Spearow / Bow
    Level 12
    Peck / Growl / Leer

    Diglett / Shale
    Level 12

    Butterfree / Orchid
    Level 12
    Tackle / String Shot / Confusion

    I think I'm ready for the gym. Then again, I have no idea what to expect. Hmm... what's the worst that could happen? Right.... RIGHT? D8

    Here goes nothing...

    Brock sends out a Cubone- not too far off his usual! I start with Orchid... Tackle... Confusion... Tackle... Confusion.... Pfft. Easy choice. Two critical hit confusions later and one missed Bone Club, and Cubone is out.

    Okay- what is going to replace his Onix. Something big, bad, and deadly? Nah. What the randomizer picked is a bit farfetch'd if you ask me. Out of tradition, I like to use my starter at least once in most important battles, so Bern goes!

    Goddamn bird used Sand attack 4 times, but eventually fell to fire! Thankfully no casualties- though Bern did take some damage.

    Anyway- my TM for this gym is... Roar? What. Bad randomizer. D| I can't use this. This isn't useful. You were supposed to give me something like Ice Beam. Bad. -sighs-

    ===== END CHAPTER ONE =====

    --- Point Stuff ---

    Captures: 4 (+4 Points)
    Time: About an hour.

    Note: I'm using frameskip to help with the grinding, so um... the game's clock isn't accurate. Bad habit. It'll probably cost me a team member eventually. Anyway- please don't count me for any fastest player things since frameskipping gives me a rather speedy advantage on that end.
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    ==== CHAPTER TWO ====


    --- Route 03 ---

    Always the trainers here... they're no match for the grumpy lizard. =D

    Bern has evolved into Charmeleon!

    First Encounter: Diglett

    Second Encounter: Zubat

    Third Encounter: Rattata
    Level 6
    Successful Capture!
    Nickname: Mouse cause I'm so creative

    Thankfully Mouse is easier to level up than Ratbat, so I trainer her up a bit to match most of the rest of the team.

    --- Mt. Moon ---

    First Encounter: Digett

    Second Encounter: NidoranM
    Level 7
    Successful Capture!
    Nickname: Rathalos

    Finally someone to replace Ratbat! ='D HUZZAH.

    Deposit Ratbat
    Withdraw Rathalos

    TM47: Thunderschock... It'll do! Bow is the only member of my team who can learn it though... not sure I want to use it quite yet.

    ... Does this freaking Lass lady have a Pidgeotto? D8 Nearly wiped Rathalos out. Poor guy was at 10 HP after just one hit.

    The next one had a Rhyhorn. Oh how I'd love to have something that could hit rock types without being weak to rock right now. D|

    TM02: Double Kick! My prayers have been answered! THIS can be useful right now. Let's see who can learn it... Orchid, Rathalos, or Bern. Rathalos it is! It's now or waiting for like 50 levels... Soooo

    Now to pick a fossil. Not that I know what either will turn into, so I'll pick Dome cause why not.

    --- Route 04 ---

    TM16: Softboiled - This may be useful later in the game. So far anyone but Shale can learn it. So there's that. xD

    First Encounter: Poliwag
    Level 10
    GODDAMIT BERN, WHY'D YOU CRITIC- Oh. It's not dead? WELL THEN. That's a shocker.

    Successful Capture!
    Nickname: Curly

    --- Cerulean City ---

    At last! Civilization! Mt. Moon had taken a bit of a toll on the team. Time to rest up and all!

    Team Swap: Mouse <-> Curly. I need the type variety. Upon withdrawal, I find that Curly has 1 HP. Bad, Bern. No trying to kill first encounter. D<

    --- GODDAMN GARY ---

    Forgot he was gonna show up... I'm not ready for this level wise. D8

    Abra vs Bern
    Thankfully his Abra hasn't learned anything new. X_x Very good thing.

    Nidorina vs Orchid
    Orchid managed to confuse Nidorina with the first attack. Stop hitting yourself, Nidorina. Actually, don't. It helps.

    Rattata vs Rathalos

    Kadabra vs Bern
    Wait. WHAT THE HELL. NO. NOOOOoooooooooooooo. This is his starter, isn't it? D8 It disabled Ember right away, but thankfully, scratch did more damage anyway. X_x

    Any fight without casualties is a good one!

    --- NUGGET BRIDGE ---

    >D DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE. BWAHAHAHA. OH NO. I'M SO TERRIFIED OF YOUR CATERPIES. Ember spam time. Hehe. Pidgey? Go Shale- wait no. CRITICAL. D8 Nearly lost Shale there. Sometimes it's tempting to just let Bern kill everything, but then no one would level.

    Four victims in, Rathalos evolves! =D Took a bit of heavy damage fighting nugget bridge, so I'd best go level some in grass before someone dies. X_x

    ... then I see what else I could have caught in Route 04. Dratini, Squirtle... Game, why must you torture me so?

    --- Route 24 ---

    First Encounter: Eevee!
    Level 13
    Successful Capture!
    Nickname: NAYA

    TM22: Rock Throw. I don't think I'll use this one quite yet, but I know it'll be useful sooner or later. Shale is the only one who can learn it- and considering how many close calls he's had compared to the others, I'm going to wait.

    --- Route 25 ---

    First Encounter: Spearow

    Second Encounter: Spearow

    Third Encounter: Kakuna
    Level: 8
    Successful Capture!
    Nickname: Rose

    --- Pre-Gym Team and Stats ---

    Charmander / Bern
    Level 22
    Ember / Growl / Scratch / Leet

    Butterfree / Orchid
    Level 20
    Confusion / Sleep Powder / Tackle / Poisonpowder

    Poliwag / Curly
    Level 20
    Bubble / Hypnosis / Water Gun

    Fearow / Bow
    Level 22
    Peck / Growl / Leer / Fury Attack

    Nidorino / Rathalos
    Level 21
    Double Kick / Leer / Horn Attack / Poison Sting

    Diglett / Shale
    Level 22
    Dig / Scratch / Growl

    --- Vs Misty ---

    Magnemite vs Shale
    Lucky start for me. So glad levitate isn't a thing yet. OHKO with dig!

    Raichu vs Shale
    Looks like Misty might be hooking up with Lt. Surge today. I think I'll keep Shale in for this one. Another OHKO seemed like a good idea. =D Usually Misty is far more miserable to go against in previous runs. I suppose I've lucked out~!

    TM11: Tackle. No. Just... no.

    === END CHAPTER TWO ===

    Point Stuff

    Captures: 5
    Time: About 90 minutes
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    === CHAPTER THREE ===

    Two gyms down, one to go before I catch up with the Commlock. >D

    --- Route 05 ---

    First Encounter: NidoranF =D
    Level: 14
    Nickname: Rathian

    --- Route 06 ---

    First Encounter: Diglett
    Duplicate Clause

    Second Encounter: Goldeen
    Nickname: Rinni

    --- BOAT TIME ---

    TM14: Lovely Kiss. Maybe.

    Trainers, trainers, trainers

    Oh, and Gary. =|

    Kabuto vs Bow
    So much nope. Swapping into... uh... Karp. Um... Curly. xD
    Winner: Curly

    Abra vs Bow
    OKAY. This one she can take. This isn't his starter... OHKO with a Fury Attack.

    Muk vs Orchid
    Shale would probably be a better choice, but Orchid needs the exp.

    Kadabra vs Bern
    Critical hit scratch = OHKO. Welp. That was easy. xD

    TM15: Bind
    HM01: GET

    --- VS Lt. SURGE ---

    Cubone vs Curly
    Easy easy.

    Psyduck vs Bow
    Leer plus Fury Attack did the trick

    Snorlax vs Bern
    Ugh... Snorlax. It knew harden and hit like a truck- Bern was only able to take one headbutt. Super Potions are thankfully a thing.

    TM for this one is Harden. Why.


    2 Captures!
    Time: ~40 minutes

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    === CHAPTER FOUR ===

    Gonna start by getting some new catches! =D

    --- Diglett's Cave ---

    First Encounter: Jigglypuff
    Nickname: Pop Me

    --- Route 11 ---

    First Encounter: Jigglypuff.
    Duplicate Clause

    Second Encounter: NidoranM
    Duplicate Clause

    Third Encounter: Wartortle
    Nickname: Flo

    --- Route 09 ---

    TM42: Drill Peck! HELL YEAH. =D

    First Encounter: Rattata
    Second Encounter: Rattata
    Third Encounter: Ekans
    Nickname: Reggie

    --- Route 10 ---

    First Encounter: Sandshrew!
    Nickname: Edge


    --- Rock Tunnel ---

    First Encounter: Clefairy
    Nickname: Sylvi

    Rock Tunnel is a huge pain without flash. I had to dig out several times cause all of the trainers wore my team down. X_x Both Curly and Shale evolved though! =D I just need to pray for a water stone, a moon stone, and get Bern to level 36 and I'll have a fully evolved team!

    And I got to Lavender Town Alive! =D

    === END CHAPTER FOUR ===

    Successful Captures: 5
    Time: About 30 minutes

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    === CHAPTER FIVE ===

    Lavender Tower


    Clefairy vs Curly
    Water gun spam, Curly wins.

    Growlithe vs Curly
    Gary, you're stupid. Yes. Use a fire type against a Poliwhirl. You know this can't end well.

    Flareon vs Curly
    Really? Gary? Are you really really stupid. Fire vs Water is not a good idea. WHY.

    Dragonair vs Bow
    Thunder Wave and Wrap. Goddammit. Thankfully, Bow got out.

    Kadabra vs Bern
    Confusion - Bern is confused. Hit himself. Super Potion. Scratch 2HKO

    Nothing but ghosties here in the tower. And people to beat up. Oh look- A MOON STONE. 8D BWAHAHAHA. RATHALOS SHALL BE UNSTOPPABLE.

    --- Route 08 ---

    First Encounter: Zubat
    Second Encounter: Pikachu
    Nickname: Thor

    Note: Because of my randomlocke nonsense, I was able to get the drink for the guards without meaning to- so I CAN go to Saffron City right now if I wanted to. But I'll skip it like I'm supposed to. For now.

    --- Route 07 ---

    First Encounter: Growlithe




    --- Celadon City ---

    I forgot to name the Tentacool I got from the top of that one building. So I'll pretend he doesn't exist. =D

    --- VS ERIKA ---

    Raichu vs Shale
    This was a lucky start- I only used Shale first cause his level is the lowest...

    Slowbro vs Bow
    Lv. 24 Slowbro? Erika's levels are lower than I thought they were. I may be just a little overlevel. >.>

    Machamp vs Orchid
    CONFUSION SPAM. Hehehehehe...

    That was stupid easy.

    TM is Razor Leaf.

    === END CHAPTER FIVE ===

    Successful capture: 3
    Time: About half an hour.

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    === CHAPTER SIX ===

    TO TEAM ROCKETS BASE! We shall storm the base and destroy all those who get in our way!

    Ohgawd. The spinny tiles of doom. Oh look- new TM!
    TM for... Dig? Didn't I already get this one? xD

    Bern learned SLASH. >D

    TM49: Poisonpowder. Oh game, why do you do this to me. Of all moves in the game, you give me the worst ones as TMs.


    Hitmonchan vs Shale
    I don't like this matchup. Switching to Orchid. Confusion spam!

    Growlithe vs Shale
    Much better

    Seaking vs Rathalos
    Focus energy and double kick spam. Works.

    I win. That wasn't so bad.

    === END CHAPTER SIX ===

    No captures
    Total time: 15 minutes

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    === CHAPTER SEVEN ===

    To Fuchsia City! Well first I've got to go back to LAvender Tower and do that.

    Lavender Tower Encounter: Wartortle
    Duplicate Clause
    2nd Encounter: Eevee
    Third Encounter: Gloom
    Nickname: Weed

    Damn weed poisoned half my team in the process. xD

    The ghost of Lavender Tower is a Weedle. I think this is a hint towards @Trainer17 's Nuzlocke that he should pick Weedle as his starter. >D

    Kicked some Rocket butt and moving onwards towards Fuschia~!

    --- Route 12 ---

    Route 12 Encounter: (Snorlax replacement): Hitmonchan
    Nickname: Lee (hehe)


    Bern can learn it. Very tempting.

    Bern has evolved into Charizard! ROOOOOOAAAAAAAAAR

    --- Route 13 ---

    Encounter: Bellsprout
    Nickname: Vell

    Team is pretty worn out. D8 Here's hoping we can make it through 14

    --- Route 14 ---

    After a very close call versus a trainer's Weepinbell, I'm retreating to heal back at LAvender town

    Encounter: Ekans
    Encounter2: Rattata
    Encounter3: DRATINI

    BOW- NO CRITICAL HITS. It survived. Barely. -catches-
    Nickname: Ruby

    After yet another close call, I've decided it's time to evolve Rathalos.

    Rathalos has evolved into Nidoking!

    --- Route 15 ---

    TM15: Wrap.

    Encounter: Koffing
    Name: Flu

    --- FUCHSIA CITY ---

    Not ready for the gym. TIME TO GRIND.

    Forever later....

    Bern is at Lv. 45, everyone else is at 41. I think I'm ready. xD

    Voltorb vs Shale
    I started with Shale cause he's one hell of a sweeper- fragile, but can OHKO almost anything he can hit first. This is no exception.

    Wheezing vs Shale
    Critical hit Dig. Ouch. xD

    Rhyhorn vs Curly
    Type advantages are beautiful.

    Venusaur vs Bern
    Now this is a fun pair up. >D ... Venusaur knows Supersonic? Wth... Still, two Embers and it went down. I need Flamethrower soon.



    Captures 5
    Total Time: About 2 hours


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