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    In any piece of fiction, you are bound to run into tropes; they are just ubiquitous. Be it character archetypes, plot cliches, and the rhetoric, some tropes can sometimes add flavour to the story or just reduce its depth. What sort of tropes do you find yourself utilizing when you write? Are there some tropes that you just don't use and/or don't like? Such as characters shouting out the names of their attacks or vampires that glitter under sunlight?

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    Guilty of using Calling Your Attacks

    Magic Music also appears a lot, as well

    (also, kudos for beating me to the punch!)
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    I love redemption arcs. That's one of my top favorite things to read in a story. That and heroic sacrifices (though I prefer the character to not die from it xD).

    Off the top of my head I can't think of any tropes I actively dislike, except maybe the romance ones because I'm just not a fan of romance. xD


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