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VIDEO: New Sun & Moon Anime trailer arrives

Anime Trailer
We now have another look at the Pokemon Sun and Moon anime, in a short teaser showcasing Ash and Pikachu’s journey through Alola.The trailer, though only 55 seconds long, and in Japanese, shows quite a bit of information for fans of the anime to glean. First, interestingly enough, we can see that not only do Ash and Pikachu make their way to find new friends on their adventures, but it seems like Ash’s mother does too.

Not only that, but Ash is shown encountering various aspects of the new region, including Alolan variants of Pokemon we’ve all come to know and love, such as Alolan Eggsecutor, and new Pokemon, including a rather humorous encounter with a Grubbin.

It’s also interesting to note that the PokeRide feature from the games will make its way into the anime, as we can see a trainer utilizing the Charizard Glide service. Will there be an episode or two that show races between trainers using the service, such as the now-iconic Rapidash race storyline in the original anime?

Encounters with the starters, Popplio, Rowlet and Litten are shown, but it’s not known just yet who’ll join Ash and co. on their journey.

You can view the video here.

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