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November’s English TCG Set Officially Announced!

Vivid Voltage
Pikachu is going to be a big deal this November.

That is because the next English TCG set will feature Pikachu and his Gigantamax Form! There will be plenty of other shocking and amazing cards with the release of Vivid Voltage!

Vivid Voltage will be the next TCG set coming to the United States and around the world. This set will mark the debut of Zarude as Zarude V. Meanwhile, you can expect Pikachu VMAX enter the game with plenty of bolts to spare. Other cards that you can expect to see from Vivid Voltage includes Orbeetle VMAX, and Coalossal VMAX shown in their Gigantamax forms.

There will now be a new type of card coming in Vivid Voltage called Amazing Pokemon! These type of Pokemon cards will feature Legendary and Mythical Pokemon with explosive rainbow backgrounds. You can expect to see so many vivid colors as these Pokemon make an amazing debut in decks with even more amazing effects!

Below are more details about Vivid Voltage.

  • Six Amazing Pokémon
  • Six Pokémon VMAX
  • 11 Pokémon V and 13 full-art Pokémon V
  • 16 Trainer cards and seven full-art Supporter cards
  • Four new Special Energy cards

Vivid Voltage will be release in the United States on November 13th with Elite Trainer boxes, Starter decks and boosters in stores. Prereleases for Vivid Voltage will start on October 31st.

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