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Piplup, Galarian Slowpoke, and more come to Pokémon Café Mix!

Check out the latest update to this mobile game!

A new update has come to Pokémon Café Mix and with it comes 50 new Regular Order stages, 25 new Master Order stages, new gimmicks, Pokémon, dishes, and more! Bring us to a total of 600 Regular Order Stages, there’s a lot of content for this game to offer. So let’s break down what all is new that players can expect with this latest update.

New Pokémon

Two new potential staff members have been added to Pokémon Café Mix. The first new member can be recruited through Regular Order stages! Starting after order 575, Piplup will begin to appear as a recruitable staff member! Piplup specializes in Sweet Dishes and their skill clears Pokémon icons and gimmicks vertically to either size. While the new dish being added isn’t a Sweet dish, perhaps Piplup’s skills will really start to shine with future updates.

In addition, a new team event has begun! This time it’s to recruit a Galarian Slowpoke, a species known for their enormous appetites! Galarian Slowpoke specializes in Small Plates and their skill clears icons and gimmicks diagonally. This works really well with the latest dish to be added to the game, as it is also a small plate dish! Perhaps once you recruit it, Galarian Slowpoke will be the key to your victory when cooking up these dishes. This event will run until December 2nd.

New Gimmicks and Offerings

The latest dish to be added to the menu for Pokémon Café Mix is the Sneasel Burger with Pickles. This dish is a colorful hamburger that uses a pickle as one of Sneasel’s ears. It is enjoyed with some fries and salad! This dish is a small plate, which makes the newly added Galarian Slowpoke a good choice for combating it. In addition, along with it comes the newest gimmick, pickles!

Starting at Order 551, players will have to combat the new pickles gimmick. This gimmick alternates between open and closed every turn and can only be cleared when open. This is very similar to the marshmallow mechanic that we’re already familiar with, but unlike the marshmallows, the pickle jars are not moveable, which presents a new challenge for veteran players.

It’s also been confirmed the next batch of orders will be released on December 2nd. Alongside that, Master Orders will change and will now be randomised and let you go from Stage 1 through Stage 999 and repeat at will.

So does that sound fun? Well let’s get cooking, Café Masters!

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