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Podcast Central: #HoennConfirmed

Podcast Central
Some exciting news dropped last week. It is what everybody has been hoping and joking for the last three years. The signs were there but nobody wanted to believe them. It has finally happen…

Ruby and Sapphire remakes!

While details are lacking right now. It doesn’t stop people from talking about them. Many podcasters have already taken up the mic to give their thoughts and opinions about these remakes.

So take out those repels, teach Surf to your Wailord, put down that trumpet and don’t touch that Totodile! Lets listen to some podcasts!

PKMNCast: How To Get To Hoenn– SBJ and gang come together to talk about the latest news to hit Pokemon. This includes the news of a remakes for long awaited region, Hoenn! Expect to hear a nice discussion about what they feel about Ruby and Sapphire remakes. It will prove to be an interesting episode.

Pokemon Mystery Universe Podcast: HOENN COMFIRMED! THIS IS NOT A DRILL! The hosts at PMU get together to talk about Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. In this episode they talk about their hopes and dreams for a remake for these flagship Generation 3 games. There is even talk about other upcoming games like Pokemon Art Academy.

The Looker Bureau Podcast: Hoenn Confirmed!– The Looker Bureau are called upon to work on a breaking case! News of the Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire spread like wildfire as these detectives are on the case! This will surely be a long on-going investigation for the Bureau.

Pikapi Podcast: On The Back Burner– Mako starts the episode off by advising people to bring their Go-Goggles to Hoenn. Don’t know what Go-Goggles are? Then you will soon find out. Mako then goes into an anime episode where Ash battles a gym leader that is almost as crazy as Ash is when it comes to battling. Will Ash be able to win his Hive Badge from somebody who can make Shedinja work?

The Underground: Pudgey Pidgey The Underground is back and they are ready to catch up! Sam and Josh come together to talk about Pokemon and all the news that has happen since their last episode. They go into their toughest Double Team where they fly high with Pidgey. What kind of fun will they have with this little birdie?

The Dex Podcast: Missing Number!– The Dex Crew talk about their favorite glitches that have been around the Pokemon games. Some of them have proven to be useful while others were downright dreadful.

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