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Podcast Central: Welcome to Kalos!

Been playing Pokemon Y
Everybody has been busy with Pokemon XY but some people have taken the time to podcast a bit. Between training to defeat the Kalos Gym Leaders to avoiding the Lumiose City Glitch, it has been a fun adventure so far.

The music in Pokemon XY is pretty great. Though, if you want to listen to something else while traveling or just take a break from your adventure then we got some podcasts for you!

Don’t touch that totodile because you can’t find one in Kalos just yet!

Adventures in Pokemon XY– SBJ from PKMNCast started up a miniseries to recap his journey though the Kalos region. Each episode recaps his journey to acquire a new badge in the Kalos region as he takes on Team Flare. Trainer Tip: This podcast may contain spoilers for those who have no completed certain parts of the game.

Lumiose City Press 06– Justin from Striaton Radio is hosting a special series where he interviews each member of his podcast to get their thoughts and opinions of Pokemon XY. In Episode 6, Justin interviews Stephen. Trainer Tip: This episode may contain spoilers.

Pikapi Podcast: Hail to the Team– A new podcast has joined the fray! Pikapi Podcast is a podcast that goes over each episode of the Pokemon anime.

In this episode, Mako concludes her coverage of Ash’s battle against Drake of the Orange Crew. She goes in depth on Ash’s battling and how he and his Pokemon have grown since their last attempt at a League challenge in Kanto.

Bouncing Wailord: Hawlucha Libra – Movie Special– The crew at the Bouncing Wailord got together to talk about the latest Pokemon Movie: Genesect and the Legend Awakened. Just like the movie which featured plenty of Genesect, their podcast has plenty of guests.

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