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Are you still enjoying Pokemon Sun and Moon? How about a break?

I am sure everybody is enjoying Pokemon Sun and Moon. Many people are claiming that these are the best games that Gamefreak has done since Generation 5. Personally, I think they are great games but I will need a few months to replay the games and see if I still love them.

Though, I am sure I love Lillie and Team Skull. After all, it’s ya boy!

So how about we take a break from Sun and Moon and listen to some podcasts? I will even put the podcasts that aren’t about Sun and Moon at the front of the article.

First, we have Pikapi Podcast where Anne goes all in to analyze the relationship between Ash and Gary. In reality, Ash should be the one bragging but why doesn’t he? It seems like Anne does have an answer and it is rather surprising as we come close to the ultimate showdown between Ash and Gary in the Silver Conference.

Kanto Cast is back with a brand new episode with a brand new guest! Blue brings in YoFizz to talk about Pokemon, Brave Bird everything and a little bit of TCG.

We also have an episode from PTCG Radio where Ross takes a look at how Generation 7 will hit the TCG. Which cards will be hitting it big? Take a listen and find out!

And now time for all the Sun and Moon talk! P.U.C.L. Podcast has all the tips and tricks you need to catch certain Pokemon in Sun and Moon, The Dex! Podcast talks about all kinds of things and PKMNcast conclude the playthrough of the game with their thoughts!

Don’t touch that Totodile! Though make sure to scan him! It is time to listen to some podcasts!

Pikapi PodcastPikapi Podcast: Capes Make The Man!

Kanto CastKanto Cast: YoFizz Vizzits Kanto Cast

PTCG RadioPTCG Radio: Sun And Moon Leaked Cards

P.U.C.L. PodcastP.U.C.L. Podcast: Tips and Tricks for Pokemon Sun and Moon

The Dex PodcaastThe Dex! Podcast: Pokemon Moon!

PKMNcastPKMNcast: Alola! From Pokémon Sun & Moon (Finale)

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