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Points Adjustment for World Invites

World Championship Points
It has now become a little easier for those who are on the hunt for a Worlds Invite.

Pokemon has just announced that they have adjusted the point requirement for a 2017 Worlds Invite. They have done a midseason review to see how many expected players will receive invites for Worlds and have decided to make some changes to the TCG and VGC invite requirements.

The changes made to the requirements for TCG and VGC World Invites involve increasing the number of Championship Points awarded at some events and lowering the Championship Points needed for an invite in some regions and divisions. The leaderboards and players points are being adjusted and should be seen in the next 72 hours. Players are being encouraged to check their profiles in the next few days. More details about the points adjustments can be seen here.

Below are the new point requirements for TCG World Invites.

TCG Points

Below are the new points requirements for VGC World Invites.

VGC Points

Best of luck to those earning those Championship Points for Worlds!

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