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Pokemon Center for Your Phone!

Chargin Station
Are you playing Pokemon GO and on the go? That means you need to charge up so why not visit a Pokemon Center!

Spencer Kern decided to build a fun place for Pokemon GO players to come together to charge their phones but also hang out while they are playing Pokemon GO. Thatis why he went ahead to build a charging station in the form that encourages Pokemon trainers to rest and talk about Pokemon. A Pokemon Center!

The design of the portable Pokemon Center charging station is based on the Pokemon Centers from Pokemon OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire. The Pokemon Center is a shell houses a Yeti 400 solar generator that can charge 10-12 cell phones simultaneously. He created the shell of the center out of wood with some 3D printed accents.

You can check out the process of building this Pokemon Center charging station on Kern’s website. It is a pretty amazing work of art that is surely bringing Pokemon trainers together.

Ongoing Conversation