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Pokemon the Movie: Koko Receives Release Date

Koko movie
The next Pokemon movie now has a release date!

It was recently announced that Pokemon the Movie: Koko will be release in Japanese movie theaters on December 25th. They have also release a new trailer to announce the new release date. The movie was postpone from their normal Summer release date due to COVID-19.

It seems as if Pokemon is banking on a winter release to have as many couples going out on Christmas to view the movie. Meanwhile, families planning to enjoy their Winter holiday could have something nice to watch. Currently movie theaters are open in certain Japanese prefectures that have gotten a control on the COVID-19 epidemic. Though, they are practicing social distancing by having empty seats between people and proper mask usage.

Pokemon the Movie: Koko Trailer

Synopsis of the Trailer: The trailer features Ash and Pikachu going into a protected jungle for research. While there they encounter a young child named Koko who was raised by Zurude. Apparently Zurude found the child as a baby and decided to raise it as it’s own. Ash takes Koko into the city but a force has enter the jungle and threatens the livelihood of the Pokemon who live in the jungle.

This movie seems to have a Tarzan vibe where a person who was raised in the jungle encounters another of their kind. Though, it as a sweet child-parent relationship tied along with it. Pokemon the Movie: Koko certainly has promise to be a great movie to watch.

Below is the trailer for Pokemon the Movie: Koko.

It is unsure when Pokemon the Movie: Koko will be release in the US. Movie goers in Japan can expect to see this movie on December 25th, 2020.

Source: Serebii on Twitter

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