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The mystery continues!

As some of you may recall, the Japanese Pokémon Youtube channel released a video last week surrounding around the mysteries of Pokémon and aliens. While an English counterpart has yet to be released, a new website has gone live on the Japanese side of things. You can use Google Chrome’s translating feature to gather some idea of what the website entails, and we hope an English version goes live soon as well, since it is a pretty interesting read even in broken English.

Curious and want to know more? Well, you’re in luck! Using the best Google Translate can provide, I have been digging through the website and will do the best I can to describe the website’s details to you as best I can. If you do not mind the broken English or if an English version becomes available, I highly recommend reading it all since it’s pretty interesting.

The website as a whole seems to be a collection of files, information, and stories gathered by a Hex Maniac, a Ruin Maniac, and a Scientist as they discuss alien sightings and other oddities within the Pokémon world. Pulling evidence from across all generations, the discussion is split into four main parts with a shocking conclusion. The dialogue mainly centers around the Hex Maniac and Scientist, but the Ruin Maniac does chime in from time to time as well. It is unclear at this time if this is meant to be a connection to Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, possible Diamond and Pearl remakes, or both, as you will see why below.

The first part, with a title roughly translating to “How is “time passes” and how Pokemon is involved !?”, centers around Celebi and Dialga. Pulling images from the Celebi event in Heartgold and Soulsilver, the Hex Maniac and Scientist discuss the possibility of Pokémon coming from the future as well as the manipulation of time as a whole. The scientist is rather suspicious of all the Hex Maniac’s theories, so the Hex Maniac points out that Dialga is the ruler of time, even going so far as to reference its Pokedex entries for information.

The second part, titled “There are surprisingly many Pokemon related to the universe !”, focuses on the various Pokémon said to have connections to space. The Hex Maniac references Rayquaza and Minior as evidence for civillization in space, as both Pokémon are said to live in the ozone layer of the planet. The scientist scoffs at this, saying that the ozone layer does not consist of the whole universe. Th Hex Maniac responds by pointing out Clefairy are said to come from space, even referencing the dance you can witness in Mt. Moon in Heartgold ad Soulsilver. She furthers this by pointing out that Elygem are also said to be extraterrestrials with Magnazones often being mistaken for UFOs. This seems to be a bit of a soft spot for the scientist, as he blows up at that. Seeing the opportunity, the Hex Maniac references Deoxys as well as Solrock and Lunatone. She even goes so far as to point out a not well known event in Sun and Moon where if a Lunatone or Solrock is brought to a man in the desert, he will talk about being an alien and returning to space.

The third part, titled “I found out how to go to different dimensions!? Explore the truth of ‘Yakabure Sakai’!”, narrows its focus to the events of Pokémon Platinum, specficially Giratina and the Distortion World. Using the existence of another dimension as evidence, the Hex and Ruin Maniacs try to convince the scientist that this could be proof of alien existence, especially when there are other Pokémon with extra-dimensional connections. Referencing the Pokedex entries of Bronzong, Mega Gengar, Hoopa, and Porygon-Z, the scientist concedes sligtly to this argument before becoming frustrated with the Hex Maniac and “leaving”, giving the impression that this is being discussed through instant messages or a similar system of sorts.

In the fourth part, called “A more advanced civilization than the present day! Close to the mystery of ancient ruins!”, the Ruin Maniac finally takes the spotlight. Referencing the Ruins of Alph, Granite Cave, and other historical sites across the known world, the Ruin Maniac speaks of ancient civillizations that were possibly contacted by people of the future and given technology to progress. They have a large focus on Unown for this discussion, wondering how it connects to the ancient civillizations. They also discuss the Sinjoh ruins event with Arceus where it creates an egg that hatches into Dialga, Palkia, or Giratina.

With the climax, the Hex Maniac and Scientist join forces to discuss what little is known about the Ultra Beasts. Mainly referencing the events of Sun and Moon, the two also produce photos of all the known Ultra Beasts impacting the world in ways we have never seen before. They even reference Bill’s ability to fuse and separate Pokémon from humans, something that is either a nod to the quest Lillie sets out on at the end of Pokémon Sun and Moon or a possible major plot point in the future.

Overall, while not a lot can be gleaned from this as is, it is quite interesting to see what all of this has to do with future games. According to the Unown lettering on the website, the next update will come Wednesday, July 26, which also happens to be the day before the anniversary of the European release of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. We will keep you posted as more details come to light.

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