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Pokemon Stadium Coming to Switch!

Pokemon Stadium
Time to hit the stadium!

That is the Pokemon Stadium!

The long time fan-favorite Pokemon Stadium is going to be on the Nintendo Switch. Not just that! You will also be able to see Pokemon Stadium 2 on the Switch along side with Pokemon Stadium.

Currently, there is no set date on when Pokemon Stadium and Pokemon Stadium 2 will be available to play on the Switch. You can expect these titles to be part of the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack for Switch Online. These two games are part of the many other N64 games that will be coming to Switch as part of the service.

Fine Print

Pokemon Stadium 2
It is worth nothing that you will not be able to transfer Pokemon from your Pokemon games into Pokemon Stadium and Pokemon Stadium 2. Many long time Pokemon fans would recall that you could transfer Pokemon from Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold and Crystal into Stadium. From there you would be able to battle with them in the glorious 3D of the Nintendo 64.

Though, Nintendo did confirm that Pokemon will not be able to be transfer from older games. That includes the Virtual Console versions of the games on the 3DS.

So, if you want to play Pokemon Stadium and Pokemon Stadium 2 then you will need to rely on the Rental Pokemon for battles. Meanwhile, you will be able to play as many mini-games as you like.

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