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PXR Forum Roundup – Plushies

Pokemon Trainer Sarah's Auxiliary Collection

Pokemon Trainer Sarah’s Auxiliary Collection

In a new feature, we’ll be collecting and curating content that comes from the suggestions of our members at Pokemon Crossroads.  Every other week, we hope to bring to you the best of our community on everything Pokemon.  To join the discussion, check out our friendly forums.

This week, we are featuring the amazing plushie collection of three members!  Pokemon Trainer Sarah, our administrator on the forums, Mikey (MC Elesa), our Social Media Director, and Corey, our senior writer and #1 Pokefan.  Check out their collections after the break.

Pokemon Trainer Sarah's Plushie Collection

Pokemon Trainer Sarah’s Plushie Collection

And if you thought the lead picture was a lot of plushies, then you’re mistaken!  The pictures above represent most of the collection that our leader Sarah has.  She’s been able to collect them over the years through different personal events and through working.  Funny enough, the current constraint on her collection is the amount of space this collection takes.

Mikey's Plushie Collection

Mikey’s Plushie Collection

Mikey’s smaller collection is mainly built off of various anime conventions.  Not all collections start when we are kids, but we can always get around parental permissions slowly when we gain independence.  Keep on growing that collection!

Corey's Pokemon Collection

Corey’s Pokemon Collection

With 102 different plushies, Corey’s got a small army at his disposal the next time Team Rocket’s in town.  In addition to these, he’s hoping ‘catch a few more,’ including Diancie, (Mega) Mawile, Heliolisk and Goodra.

Caite-chan's Plushie Collection

Caite-chan’s Plushie Collection

Our senior editor Caite’s got some lovely ones. From top right clockwise, we have ‘Thunder’ and ‘Lighting’ the Jolteons,  ‘Blizzard’ the Articuno, ‘Leafy’ the Leafeon, ‘Storm’ the Zapdos, ‘Shock’ the Jolteon, and ‘Tomato Soup’ the Raikou.  Raikou loves tomato soup so much after being fed it by Caite after she bought it.  (and its eyes are still a bit red after that encounter.  Poor Raikou).

Ray_quazaa's Plushie

Ray_quazaa’s Plushie

And lastly, my plushie.  How I came to have this (sorta) in my possession is found in our Ditto Art/Pokemon of the Week feature

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