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TCG Jump: Featured Match- Savage Raichu/Spiritomb Deck

ThunderClap Raichu
Are you ready to deal out some massive damage to some powerful Pokemon? Then we got the match for you featuring Raichu and Spiritomb!

The spirit of battling can be found in this battle as Raichu is ready to bring the thunder! This deck is all about Raichu going out into battle and spreading damage all over your opponent’s bench. That is because Raichu has an attack call Thunderclap Shot that does 50 damage to each of your opponent’s Pokemon. This Raichu is quick because it can start attacking before your opponent can mount and attack. Your opponent can try to fight back but Raichu would be spreading so much damage by clapping that there would be too much damage to handle. What do you do with so much damage on your opponent’s field? You will send out Spiritomb who can Damage Play all that damage for a deadly play! Damage Play allows you to move all that damage around however you want. If you have enough damage on your opponent’s field and move around the damage the right way then you can knock out three of your opponent’s Pokemon to take the win.

Ready to see the damage play in action? Then check out Shining Karp Karp playing this amazing deck below!

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