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TCG Jump: Featured Match- Steam Siege Mega Gardevoir Despair Ray Deck

M Gardevoir
A new set has been released and several new cards have started their siege on the metagame. One of those new cards is a cruel traitor who is proving to bring quick despair to those who face it. This week on TCG Jump we are featuring a match using M Gardevoir EX from Steam Siege!

We have a few matches from Donald of DarkIntegralGaming where he is using M Gardevoir EX from Steam Siege. This new M Gardevoir EX has an attack call Despair Ray which does a base 110 damage for a Fairy and Colorless energy. If you want to hit even harder then you can discard some Pokemon from your bench. If you do this then the damage output will go up by 10 for each Pokemon discarded. So it is important to have your bench filled up if you want to hit some big numbers using M Gardevoir EX.

This deck wants to set up quickly to get some great matches. It is possible to attack on your second turn with a low energy cost and powerful abilities like Hoopa EX’s Scoundrel Ring. Will this be enough to help Donald pull some wins out of tight spots? Watch the video below to see some matches featuring M Gardevoir EX!

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