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Upcoming TCG Sets Coming in Japan!

Ultra Shiny and More
The Pokemon TCG in Japan is getting revved up to release plenty of cards by the end of 2018!

It was announced today that a set called “GX Ultra Shiny” will be released in November. This set will be contain over 150 cards. The packs for this set will contain 10 cards each which is higher then the normal number of cards in a pack. This set also will contain four holo cards with one of them being a GX Pokemon.

It is worth noting that in Japan, the term ‘shiny’ doesn’t mean the same compare to English players. In English speaking countries, we refer to Shiny as alternate coloration of a Pokemon. Meanwhile, in Japan when this happens it is called a ‘different color’ Pokemon.

When it comes to the name of this set, the ‘shiny’ in “GX Ultra Shiny” refers to the fact that the packs in this set will contain four holo cards. That way the cards in this set will actually be shiny when you open the pack.

Based on the dummy pack art, this set will contain Zoroark GX, Buzzwole GX and Zygarde GX. Though it uncertain if these cards will be release in the set or will feature alternate art of the cards.

This set will be release on November 2nd. It is unsure if this will replace Japan’s December set. This will be unique as it will breaking the norm with the trend of releasing a TCG set to promote a new video game such a Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee. It is unsure if this set will be release in the US.

Thunderclap Spark
It was earlier announced that Japan will release a mini-set to promote the next Pokemon Movie, Everyone’s Story. This set will be called “Thunderclap Spark” and will feature Zeraora.

Zeraora GX will be the headline Pokemon alongside with Virizion, Genesect and Magcargo. “Thunderclap Spark” will have over 60 cards and features the first Prism Star Stadium card.

“Thunderclap Spark” will be release on July 6th to promote the 21st Pokemon movie. There is no information on how this set will be released in the US.

Dark Orde
Lastly, it was revealed that there will be a mini-set featuring Darkness Pokemon called “Dark Order”. This set will include over 52 Pokemon. This will be another set spotlighting on a specific type similar to Dragon Storm (Dragon Majesty in English) and Fairy Rise (No information on English release).

This mini-set will feature Pokemon such as Hoopa Unbound, Incineroar, and Absol.

“Dark Order” will release on October 5th. There is no information on how these cards will be released in the US.

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