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VIDEO: 25 Minutes of Pokémon Piano! (#1: Pokémon DPPt)

Sinnoh Piano cover DPPT
Are you excited for the Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl!

Well, maybe you should calm down a bit because Friday is a few days away. We still got to get through this week! Good thing we have the best thing to help calm you down but also get you pumped!

Maybe those two things do not go well together. Either way. We got you covered.

Today we are featuring some piano arrangements by Darren Ang. He has a whole playlist of music from the Sinnoh region! The very one we will all be adventuring in this upcoming weekend. You can expect to hear songs from certain places like the Fight Area! There is even music from some of your favorite places such as Route 210 and Hearthome City. Though, he certainly didn’t forget the classic piano arrangement.

Cynthia’s theme and battle theme.

Go ahead and kick back! You deserve twenty-five minutes of the best music that Sinnoh can provide. All of this and more before you plan the new games this coming Friday.

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