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VIDEO: Piers and Raihan ♦ Character Design Analysis

Gym leader design
What is in a design?

That is a fine question! After all, Pokemon has many different characters with many different designs! Though, Game Freak has certainly put some thought when it came to designing the human characters.

Today we have a video from The31st going right into that topic! He has a series called “Character Design Analysis”. The31st looks into a character design and breaks it down.

The video we are featuring from The31st is where they are looking at the bad boys of the Galar Region, Piers and Raihan! They may follow a template but these two boys have some pretty unique aspects when it comes to their designs. Here is a little preview of what you will see.

Apparently Piers’s design has ties to riots that once happen in the United Kingdom during the 1970s.

Want to learn more about this and the design of both Piers and Raihan? Check out the video below!

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