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Winners for Second Pokémon Card Game Illustration Grand Prix Revealed!

Grand Illustator Prix
Ever wanted to draw for the Pokemon TCG?

Well, over 4000 illustrators enter the second Pokemon Card Game Illustration Grand Prix but only eight of them were chosen as winners. Though, only one of top eight would be chosen as the Grand Winner and have their art featured on a Pokemon TCG card.

This year, the winner for the Pokemon Card Game Illustration Grand Prix is Jirō. You can view the winning piece below.

Grand Winner: Jiro (次郎 さん)

Jiro submitted a piece that features Charizard gazing upon a battlefield. A clear look of determination could be seen on his face as he is ready to battle.

Jiro (次郎 さん) will receive 300,000 yen and his work will be featured on a promo card. It is unsure how this promo will be distributed.

2D Illustration Excellence Award: takuyoa さん


3D Illustration Excellence Award: 楠木 燦 さん


Judge Awards

by ヒダヤト リアンティ さん

by スズキイオリ さん

by ノズル さん

by 白砂かに さん

Charizard judge award
by 雉本 ユーヒ さん

Congraduations to all the winners of this year’s contest. There was a diverse group of Pokemon chosen this year. My personal favorite was the Zacian piece with how dymanic it looks holding the blade for a powerful attack.

Which ones do you love? Let us know in the comments!

Sources: Creatures Inc

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