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Relationships (Friends & Family)

  1. Minty Died.

    She's been sick the past few days. I could tell. Weak, quiet, sleeping a lot, diarrhoea.

    This morning, Mum went to get her up and she was lying on the cage floor. So...she died overnight.

    I suspected this was going to happen soon, though it doesn't make anything any easier. It was still a shock. I'm probably going to go through seven tissue boxes today. I don't deal with loss well. Who does?

    RIP, Minty. I love you so much. I can't believe you flew ...
  2. Missing... [Update: FOUND!]

    UPDATE: MINTY HAS BEEN LOCATED! A nearby vet gave us a call this morning (18th October) after someone had handed her in after finding her at a train station (which was the next stop away from the station near close and yet so far). I'm so happy, relieved and thankful to have her back. <3 She's very happy to be back and I can tell that she's going to need a few days to settle down, but that's okay. She was so happy to climb into her nighttime cage this evening and go to bed. After spending ...

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