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Moonlight Silver episode 102--The Afterpost

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This week, Brock saves an entertainer's show when Team Rocket crashes it to take her Igglybuffs!

This episode got majorly rewritten--no more is "Takeshi no Paradaisu" the only song Brock knows! In keeping with his remixed personality as a singer-storyteller, he knows a WHOLE lot more than that in the remixed canon. I also explained the origin of the mariachi suit--it is one of several costumes Brock has (and characters to go with them), when he wants to tell a specific type of story or sing a specific type of song.

I also made this episode (and the next one) a "gimme" location for a Lore Stripe, just like Ash had a few "gimme" locations for Badges back in Kanto. When Shine Diamond releases, Brock will earn all his Fantasy Stage jewels fair and square.

Receiving a Lore Stripe had the episode end on a happier note than the humiliation of Jigglypuff drawing all over everyone.

I also couldn't resist having Brittany sing "Jump Up, Superstar!" to celebrate Super Mario Odyssey coming out this week.

Next time, Brock gets another gimme stripe when a radio show takes an ominous turn...

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