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It's been ten years...

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(If it's possible, you should listen to this music while reading this blog entry.)

Hello everybody! Today (January 12, 2019), it's been ten years since I started playing Pokemon.
My very first Pokemon game is the Pearl version and I started my first adventure with Turtwig on January 12, 2009. At that time, I was nearly 10 years old. I was supposed to receive Pokemon Pearl for my 10th birthday (on February 26, 2009), but I was so impatient that I started playing it several weeks before my birthday. xD
Here's to many more years of Pokemon! :D

How about you? How long have you been playing Pokemon for? What was your first Pokemon game? And who was your very first Pokemon?

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  1. Desolate Divine's Avatar
    My first Pokemon game was Ruby on my eighth Birthday. April 19 2003. My starter was a treeko because I misclicked and got that instead of torchic. Been playing nearly 16 years...
  2. Neo Emolga's Avatar
    I've played Pokemon games since the original Blue version on the original Game Boy, and I started with a Charmander! And that was back in 1998, so that means I've been playing them for...

    21 years.

  3. Scytherwolf's Avatar
    My first pokemon game was Gold Version in 2001, so for me, 18 years!

    My first pokemon was a cyndaquil. c:
  4. Cleobel's Avatar
    @Desolate Divine @Neo Emolga @Scytherwolf

    Thank you very much for your comments! You have been playing Pokemon for much longer than me. :o
    Neo, who was your favorite Pokemon when gen 5 didn't exist? :)
  5. Green's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Neo Emolga
    I've played Pokemon games since the original Blue version on the original Game Boy, and I started with a Charmander! And that was back in 1998, so that means I've been playing them for...

    21 years.

    [insert Good Will Hunting gif here]

    You stole my life lmao

    except i started with Blastoise.
  6. Neo Emolga's Avatar

    Ah, it was always tricky to decide between Pikachu and Raichu back in Gen 1. Pikachu was always cute and had the anime to put it in the spotlight, but Raichu had the spunk and the power. Whether to use a Thunder Stone or not felt like a harder decision than picking which college I wanted to go to or what car I wanted to buy. But in the end, I went with Raichu, though I had a fondness for both of them.

    What drove me crazy at first was Pikachu's rare spawn rate in Viridian Forest. The map on the Pokedex didn't make it too clear where they appeared and I didn't run into any Pikachus in Viridian Forest the first three times I went through it, so of course I didn't think that's where they appeared. At one point I thought the dude spraying Repel in Pewter City was a side-quest that you had to do, and that to make Pikachu appear in that field, you had to do something to get him to stop. Meanwhile, I really didn't want to have to wait to get all the way to the Power Plant to get one (which was another tricky challenge trying to figure out what to do for that so early in the game).


    Yeah, I actually started when I was 17, which at the time, seemed silly since Pokémon had the perception of solely being a kid's game. Didn't care, but now, playing it while 17 seems totally normal.

    Blastoise will always be cool in my book. Never forget the classics.
  7. Cleobel's Avatar
    Thank you very much for your comments, @N7 and @Neo Emolga! I really like that story about Pikachu in Viridian Forest. :)
  8. Noblejanobii's Avatar
    My first game was actually PMD Blue Rescue Team! My first team was a pikachu with a mudkip partner! I got it for Easter if I remember correctly. I got Diamond for my birthday a year later and started with Piplup!
  9. Cleobel's Avatar
    @Noblejanobii Thank you for your comment! :)
  10. Suicune's Fire's Avatar
    Congratulations, Cleo! :D :D That's so awesome! It's pretty funny that you got so impatient that you played it early. xD

    I first played a Pokemon game in the late nineties, though I'm not sure when exactly. My dad's friend had a daughter who had a gameboy and Pokemon Blue so I used to borrow it and play it, and I was in love with the games instantly. The first game I "owned" was in either 2000 or 2001 when we had a bootleg copy of Pokemon Silver on the PC. xD Which was half gibberish and half English. All the pokemon had their Japanese names but with English characters, but it only fit five characters in. However I knew every pokemon by that stage because I had books and watched the anime anyway haha.
  11. Cleobel's Avatar
    Thank you very much, @Suicune's Fire! That bootleg copy of Pokemon Silver sounds so funny! xD Do you still have it? :)
  12. Suicune's Fire's Avatar
    @Cleobel It was hilarious! I remember typhlosion being called Bakuf. And Cleffa was Pii. XD Unfortunately the save files got deleted and I have no idea where that ROM has ended up.
  13. Cleobel's Avatar
    @Suicune's Fire You could have nicknamed your Cleffa 3.14, haha. Too bad the save files got deleted and you can't find the ROM anymore. :/
  14. Chibi Altaria's Avatar
    I first started playing Pokemon when I was eight years old, so that's almost 20 years ago now! Yeesh. xD I was in the hospital at the time with a kidney infection and my uncle bought me a Gameboy Color and Pokemon Blue as a present. At that time I had no idea what either of them were, but I quickly got into it and I've loved Pokemon ever since! :3

    I think the Pokemon trading cards picked up at my primary school not long after that; I remember collecting hundreds of them but my folder with all my cards got stolen and I cried so much. ;n;
  15. Cleobel's Avatar
    Thank you for your comment, @Chibi Altaria! I didn't know that you are 28 years old. :o Sorry to hear about your kidney infection and the theft of your Pokemon trading cards. :/ It was very nice of your uncle to buy you a Gameboy Color and Pokemon Blue, though! :)
  16. Chakramaster's Avatar
    I've been playing Pokemon since it very first released here in the US. Errrr, minus the year or 2 I quit because I thought I was getting too old for it while still growing up xD. It's been a good long 20 years. 22 Now I believe. I know I started out with a basic Game Boy system my parents bought my brother and myself. Once Yellow version came out I got my very own Game Boy Color (the special Pikachu Edition) with Yellow version. Was one of the best days xD.

    It's pretty incredible how something can come into our lives and change it so much. For the better of course. Games like this totally have the power to bring the world closer together in a harmony like no other.
  17. Green's Avatar
    @Neo Emolga
    I started when i was 7. '98 was a good year. I liked turtles back then, and squirtle was the coolest from the anime for me back then
  18. Cleobel's Avatar
    Thank you for your comment, @Chakramaster! Don't worry, you will never be too old for Pokemon. :)