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Thread: Favorite Things to Write About

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    Favorite Things to Write About

    What are the types of stories, characters, or plot devices do you enjoy writing about most? What about it gets you really excited to write those things?

    I have such a long list it would take forever to describe all my favorite things, so I'll list a few here.

    1. Adventures. I LOVE writing about big long journeys through all sorts of different environments and areas. I make my stories up as I go, so I always get excited when I think up a new area for my characters to go through. This also leads to me thinking up new plot elements a lot of the time.

    2. Characters going through redemption arcs. I love taking a character that's done some pretty bad things, and writing them as they learn to realize they were wrong and change their ways. A few of the characters in my pokemon story have also become main characters because of this.

    3. Plot twists in general. I love surprising my readers, so these are always fun to write. Sometimes they just come to me as I'm writing rather than planning them beforehand, too. xD

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    I second epic adventures through huge worlds

    Mythology and folklore--especially imagining what the lore of our world might look like in the Pokemon world.

    Performances--This is more me living vicariously through my characters, since I am actually terrified of getting on a stage in real life.
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    A lot of my stories involve warfare. So much is put to the test in situations like that. I also find it easier if the military in question exists on some other world, so real-life military formality isn't so much a factor and it could just be a different way things are done in this other world. Case in point, I couldn't do the kind of stuff Tom Clancy did with his novels. He definitely did his homework for real life military knowledge.

    I also tend to avoid writing only about humans. Humans are just such a vanilla writing experience. It's just way more fun to write about fantasy creatures or Pokémon from their perspectives. If they start off as humans, chances are pretty good something is going to change them along the way. XD

    And of course plot twists are fun. Having too many is chaos, but having just the right amount can really spice up a story.

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    I like taking advantage of preconceived notions that everyone has and takes for granted, and flipping them inside out. I like taking something that everyone else accepts as a given, implying that it is how it usually is, and then flipping it on its head in dramatic fashion.
    I also like just implying things in general that aren't necessarily true, and watching what theories people end up with.
    I also seem to be totally incapable of writing things grounded in reality. There must always be something incredibly fantastic or unrealistic in my stories...
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