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Thread: Favorite Generation for DS?

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    I had the most fun playing Diamond, because everything was new. The advent of Wi-Fi trading and battling was so exciting after having no one else to play with for years. I spent many hours making up teams, learning about EVs/IVs and strategies and trying to breed shinies and better my streak in the Battle Tower. I wasn't that much of a fan of Sinnoh or the Pokemon (preferred HG/SS in that instance), but the mechanics and such were great. I really enjoyed playing White and the story was fantastic, but I didn't feel there was much to do after the Elite Four and haven't picked up the game in a good while. So I'm going to pick DPP.

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    Well it's a toss up between DPPt and SS. Sinnoh was pretty awesome, introduced some sweet pokemon, and with the poketch apps to check happiness and Itemfinder, made the game alot more appealing to me! I also enjoyed using Empoleon (steel penguin ftw), and the fact that after the E4 there's a whole other Island to explore and train on!

    SS gets my vote though, because of the nostalgia, the fact that you get access to 2 maps (Johto and Kanto), access to my fave Legendaries, and it's a remake! Although I do love SS alot more than most other games, if there was a R/B/Y remake for the DS it would take top spot.

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    Probably B2W2, however DPPt comes in a close second.

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    I loved B2/W2, However, HG/SS Has to take the cake of greatness with the frosting of nostalgia, As it's my favorite pokemon game of all time. Not only does it have two regions and 493 pokemon, I have so many great memories surrounding it. The game is what made me meet my best friend, For Pete's sake. It's just all around a great game, And I don't even think White 2's addictive online battling can top it.

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    Although I was not a huge fan of gen five. I loved B2/W2. I really feel like they helped me get back into the game.

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    I cant say i have played many pokemon games, but of the three (Four if you count platinum seperate from pearl, even though i only made it about half way through platinum) i have played: Pearl, Heart Gold, and Black, Pearl was the best IMO.

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    I haven't played much of my copy of HG/SS yet, so I went with D/P/Pt 'cause it appealed to me a lot more than B/W & B2/W2 did. The 5th gen games just felt pretty dry, imo, & I didn't really enjoy them that much.

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    Yay for thread necromancy!

    HG/SS is my answer, but I think it only wins because of general Gen. II nostalgia plus Pokémon following behind you was lovely to see, as my first game was Yellow.

    That said, all the games on the DS were fantastic.
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    HGSS were my favourites no doubt, fantastic remakes and the addicting-as-heck Pokéathlon had me playing for hooouurs. BW/B2W2 come in a close second— they were very fun games and I can say with confidence that generation V was my second favourite generation (first favourite being generation II). <3

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    Too bad I can't pick all of them. They all were really good, but I liked HGSS/BW/B2W2 a bit more than DPPt. So I think I'm going with B2W2 because of the animated sprites and Black/White Kyurem.


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