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Thread: {RP} Ryme Chaos

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    Byron Parisi
    Ryme City Police Department

    No one wanted to sit by the FBI agent and her Gengar, it seemed. As soon as they had moved over to sit amongst the lobby's chairs, a full on crowd of people got up and moved away, leaving them with quite a bit of extra space where there had been none. The Gengar had made a snickering noise in response, but Agent Calder said nothing...and watching the way the Pokemon practically led her to a seat, Perry began wondering if there was something else going on with her. As bizarre as this was, he grew even more curious as the vapor haze seemed to shift away from them, moving out into the room before vanishing from sight.

    Of course, he didn't have much time to think about it, however, as the phone rang and he had yet another call to deal with.

    Rain Calder
    Ryme City Police Department

    Funny, it seemed even people here in Ryme City were wary of Ghost Pokemon. Rain had heard a number of people rise to move away from where they were sitting as she and her Gengar approached, an action she found almost amusing. Though she had learned how to interact with people, and even how to be somewhat comfortable around them, Rain definitely didn't mind the peace and quiet that spending time alone provided--especially given how rowdy things could get with her family back home. Besides, no one sitting close to her meant fewer questions, and that was probably for the best if she was honest. Once seated, she gave Nuala and Cerridwen free reign to explore and seek out what information they could find on their own, a request the twin Gastly gleefully fulfilled. Rain felt the temperature around her raise slightly as the pair darted away, and smiled a bit to herself. Nuala and Cerridwen had always been curious and a bit high energy, more like a pair of rambunctious baby sisters even though Azriel was pretty sure they were older than she was. They had always watched out for her, though, and Rain could hardly imagine working with any other Pokemon as her eyes and extended ears.

    She wasn't sure how long it was before someone came to get her, but she heard a door open, followed by a surprised yelp from the young man working the desk before a deeper male voice called for her. "Agent Calder?"

    "I'm here, sir," she called, pushing herself up easily and turning herself towards the source of the voice. It was only a moment before Azriel’s hand took up its usual position on her arm, turning her ever so slightly, adjusting before gently nudging her forward.

    “It’s a pleasure to meet you in person, Agent Calder. I’m Chief Moretti,” the male voice offered, and Rain was surprised by the warmth in it. He sounded oddly friendly, though she could hear just a bit of that stress in his voice as well.

    “The pleasure is mine, Chief Moretti,” she replied, allowing herself to offer the man a small smile before nodding her head towards her Gengar. “Azriel’s as well.”

    “Agreed, a pleasure,” Azriel agreed, but Rain knew that to the Chief, it sounded like a “Gen, Gengar!”

    Though she didn’t see it, the chief nodded in appreciation to the Gengar, and then gestured back to the door. “Why don’t we move to someplace a bit more comfortable? My office is just down the hall.” Of course he’d want to get down to business as soon as possible, and she allowed Azriel to lead her through the doorway and down the hall to the Chief’s office. Her partner carefully directed her to a chair as Moretti moved behind his desk. There was a snort as the Chief’s partner Houndoom lifted its head from the enormous pillow it was curled up on to see who had entered the room, but after a moment the dog Pokemon’s head dropped back down and it appeared to return to its nap.

    There was the creak of an office chair as Chief Moretti sat down and let out a long, relieved sigh before addressing them again. “Really, I can’t thank you and your team enough for coming, Agent Calder. We’re at a loss here--it’d likely be far easier to figure out what’s going on if we had more manpower, or fewer incidents of battling or Pokemon going rogue, but...Ryme’s been such a peaceful city for so long, there’s never been a need for a larger police force.”

    “Save for that incident seven years ago,” Rain murmured bluntly, and the Chief flinched.

    “There wasn’t much we could have done about that. No one suspected--” She held up a hand and shook her head slightly.

    “I apologize, we’re going to get off track. That’s not what I intended, and you certainly couldn’t have done anything yourself, you weren’t chief at the time. That happened, what? Two? Three years ago?” She’d come across the information during one of her many attempts to research the city and RCPD before her trip out, but she couldn’t quite remember the number of years Chief Moretti had held his position off the top of her head.

    “I’m coming up on three years next month, but I won’t keep the position if this city’s in ruins,” he grumbled in reply.

    “We’ll get this sorted out before the city’s reduced to rubble, sir. I assure you, Sinnoh sent you some of it’s finest, and we’re going to give it our all. What discoveries have you made so far? The media didn’t have much information to offer when I tried looking into it, and the case file we were sent didn’t have much detail in it either.” The Chief coughed uncomfortably, averting his eyes, and she felt Azriel tremble next to her in silent laughter. It was enough of an answer, and that didn’t inspire much confidence in her.

    Nothing, then. Or close to it.

    “The Pokeballs making their way into the city are being smuggled in by someone, or a group of someones, who are exceedingly good at covering their tracks. We’ve always had a minor problem with illegal battle rings, but it’s gotten far worse, and we can’t crash and contain them fast enough. Even when we do, we don’t have the prison space to hold everyone--even if we’re just trying to hold the people who aren’t registered trainers but have Pokeballs on them. A few of the Pokemon who’ve gone rogue have been either captured in those illegal Pokeballs or otherwise contained by Ryme residents and their Pokemon partners, and we’ve got them contained, but...we can’t figure out what’s happened to them. Initially, we’d planned to release them back into the public, but they’re still displaying signs of aggression and destructive tendencies.” There was a squeal of protest from his chair as the Chief leaned back in it and ran his hands through his graying hair. “We’ve got a few other high profile helpers here from other regions, including a young lady working on obtaining official professor status that came from Kanto that’s been here for almost a week. She’s working on a focus in Pokemon behavior, and while she’s been trying to work with the contained rogues for most of that time, she hasn’t made very much headway.”

    Rain’s eyebrows rose above the frames of her sunglasses. “They’re still displaying aggression and destructive tendencies? Isn’t that unusual?”

    “Unless they’ve been mistreated by humans, or particularly aggressive species, it is,” Azriel agreed, not waiting on Moretti’s reply.

    “You know I know that,” she replied under her breath, earning them raised eyebrows from Moretti, but the man simply answered the question.

    “It is, and as I said, our visiting helper is completely baffled. I can introduce you, if you’d like. Let you see with your own eyes what we’re dealing with.” It was then that Rain couldn’t resist letting out an almost delighted laugh of surprise. Chief Moretti gave her a look of utter bewilderment as the Gengar beside her began snickering as well.

    “Chief Moretti, what did they tell you when they informed you I was being sent?” she finally asked him, reaching up to adjust her glasses where they’d slid down her nose.

    “Just that a specialist in information gathering would be coming to assist us, and a name. Rain Calder. May I ask what it is that you find so funny, Agent Calder?” he asked, sounding annoyed now.

    “Just that I won’t be seeing anything with my own eyes, sir. I’m blind. Azriel and I would love to meet with your visiting specialist, though, and try to make a few observations of our own, if possible. From what I’ve heard, I find it difficult to believe that all of this is mere coincidence.”

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    Nathan Cole (Resident)
    Nathan's Apartment, Hickory Street

    It arrived in a nondescript package. Two syringes, one to turn him into a Cinccino for the next ten days, and the other to change him back when his investigation was done and he had done his part of the research study for Bill. The only thing Bill warned about in the instructions he included was Nathan needed to add a few drops of blood to the reversal serum before using the Cinccino syringe. That would program the reversal serum to work with his DNA structure to change him back when he was ready. Not doing that would have given him a lot to think about as he would be spending the rest of his life as a fuzzy gray and white chinchilla Pokémon because he had nothing to change himself back with.

    After shopping for what he needed, he now had enough food and supplies for both himself and Kano for the ten-day period. He was also mindful of what the living situation would be like. Many of the essential things he needed were placed on the ground instead of being stored up high on shelves and in upper-level cabinets. Things that couldn't be moved, like the bathroom sink, had to have some way of getting up there, so he had bought a few small step ladders and placed them where he knew he would need them to get that accessibility. He also tied some string around the door handle when he was ready to leave. The only thing he would need to remember to have on him was his apartment key. He decided once he got into his Cinccino form, he could wear it like a necklace, but keep it hidden in the fuzzy white scarf he would have around his neck to avoid suspicion.

    After following Bill's instructions and inserting a few drops of blood into the vial for the reversal serum, he put it in the cabinet below the bathroom sink. It was definitely something he couldn't afford to have get stolen or become lost.

    Lastly, he planned on using his laptop to type his research reports out to Bill. He wouldn't be able to speak with him and writing might be challenging when he would have to work with paws instead of hands. After going through the papers that came with the package, Bill had some research feedback he was hoping to collect on a daily basis for all ten days, including getting the answers to such questions like:

    • How are you feeling today? Are you experiencing any illnesses or aches?
    • How are your senses reacting? Do you have any differences in the way you can see, hear, smell, taste, and touch?
    • How are your mental facilities performing? Are you feeling any behavioral differences, having trouble recalling human memories, or have you noticed other unexplainable changes in cognitive abilities, such as clumsiness, forgetfulness, or mood changes?
    • Are you able to make use of all your appendages, such as wagging your tail, flapping your wings, etc.? Do they feel like they're functioning at full capacity?
    • How is your speaking ability? Are you able to converse with other Pokémon? Are you able to articulate English words in your Pokémon form?
    • Are you able to perform the moves as the Pokémon you have become? If so, do they have the same potency as a natural Pokémon (if it can be measured)?

    And there were at least a dozen other questions that did a deep dive into the outcome of how well the serum was performing. Without a doubt, Nathan could see Bill had prepared this questionnaire for what he was hoping would be a whole series of study participants, but he could tell he didn't get the willing volunteers after all.

    All the while, Kano was watching Nathan curiously as he was preparing all this. At the current time, it might have seemed strange, but it was going to make sense in a few minutes. Nathan then took the transformation serum, injected it into the vein in his arm, and then pressed the plunger down to get the serum into his bloodstream.

    He was caught off guard at how quickly the serum worked. In mere moments, he found himself rapidly shrinking, bones suddenly reforming with disturbing popping and crunching sounds, and gray and white fur coating him from head to toe. He instantly found his shirt and pants becoming rapidly oversized and as a result, they were ripped in a few places because of the rapid transformation. The change in his eyes and ears caused him to go blind and deaf for just a flicker of a moment before his hearing and vision returned with the new Cinccino ears and eyes had now had.

    Suddenly not having knees caused Nathan to stumble and land on his now gray-furred chest and even the white fur from the soft scarf around his neck landed a bit in his mouth. By the time he used his new paws to push himself up off the linoleum floor, he felt the long fluff strands wrap around his back and stream out from along his sides.

    After getting back to his feet, he took a look around with his new eyes, suddenly seeing everything in his apartment from below and only from about a foot and a half from the ground.

    It all suddenly felt so foreign and familiar at the same time.

    "What did you DO!?" he heard a voice call out to him.

    Nathan, still getting used to his Cinccino form, turned to look at Kano, who he figured would have really liked to know just what was going on. The strange thing he realized was while as a Pokémon, the ability to talk and communicate with them felt like natural instinct. But it wasn't just that, either. There were other natural instincts and tendencies that he suddenly felt influencing his thinking as well.

    "It's only for a few days," Nathan told Kano, trying to keep himself thinking straight. "I need to find out why there are Pokémon going rogue. The only way I could do that was talk to them, and the only way to do that was do this."

    For a moment, Kano wanted to interject to say that he could have helped with that so Nathan wouldn't have to go to this extreme, but then he realized why it wouldn't work. There was no real way to communicate beyond body language and Kano realized Nathan needed something far more than just that.

    "I see," Kano nodded, looking a little ashamed he just didn't know how to speak English. But before long, he tried to crack a shy smile. "You look really good though! Almost looks and feels like you're my brother or something."

    "It does, doesn't it?" Nathan couldn't help but agree.

    But at the same time, he couldn't deny how cozy his new form felt. As he tried walking around, he couldn't get over how big his ears had gotten as well. And looking at himself in the mirror was surreal to him.

    "I could, well, guide you if you'd like," Kano offered, feeling strange about offering this kind of help to what used to be his human companion. "Might be helpful since it sounds like these rogue Pokémon will be dangerous."

    "That would definitely be a big help," Nathan agreed with him. "Some of it feels like it's coming naturally, but I can't be entirely sure."

    It would be the first time any human to Pokémon companionship had this kind of interaction, but to Nathan, it felt like it would be a valuable experience. And if he was going to confront these rogues, not only did he need to look and talk like a Cinccino to try and get his questions answered, but he sure needed to know how to maneuver, behave, and perhaps even fight like one too if the situation suddenly became dire.

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    Kris Douglas(Resident)
    Outside Kris Douglas’ Appartment, Roseli Avenue
    Affected RPers: None

    “I’m just saying, er--” Kris patted down herself, searching her pockets. “Oh, no, where are they, I--”

    I have your keys, Kris

    “Thanks, Mint. Right. And there’s my phone. I was just-- what was I saying?” Kris glanced about at the busy sidewalk, suddenly becoming aware of the people and the noise. And their partners. Partners, right. She started walking again, Mint by her side. “But just-- what if? If there’s an, an earthquake or something, surely it’d be more convenient to get all the Pokemon out if you could just-- just scoop them up, right? People tend to die in housefires when they run back in to get their herdiers and growlithes and-- and instead they just scoop the dog out! Or fish. Do fish die in housefires, they’re in the watertanks-- or you could just put the fire out with a-- with a goldeen or--”

    I don’t believe a growlithe would have anything to fear from a housefire. Don’t they have that ability?'

    “Right, yeah, they do, don’t they. Right.” Kris lightly knocked their forehead. “But the earthquake thing, or hurricanes.”

    If there were an earthquake, I don’t think people would have the forewarning to evacuate…


    But I’ll protect you, I can scoop you out with Teleport.’ Amusement was evident in the gardevoir’s telepathic bleedover, a smirk on her face.

    “Heheh. Thanks, Minty.”

    Of course, dear.

    “You always know what to say.” She licked her lips. “You wanna get a doughnut? Strawberry?”

    Hee, certainly.

    Kris slipped their yellow headphones on, heading down the street again as a podcast played in their ears, Mint sweeping along quietly behind her as they entered the nearby bakery.

    “Oh, hello again, Kris dear.” The owner smiled at her. “The usual?

    “Hi there! Yeah, strawberry doughnut and peppermint hot chocolate.”

    “Coming right up.”

    “By the way, Minty,” Kris turned back to her partner as the owner went to prepare the order. “I was, was wondering something.”


    “What do you think it’s like in a Pokeball?”

    I truly don’t know. No one seems to have bothered to document it, to my knowledge.

    “Do you think it’s like falling asleep? Or in the Pokemon Storage System? What if you just fell asleep and got put in the PC and then you were taken back out and it’s like, years later, and everyone you knew was years older. Do you guys age in Pokeballs and PCs? There’s gotta be research on it, even if they haven’t been around super long there’s been things like Pokeballs for a while, right, there’s apricorns. There was a fairy tale about something like this, right? Falling asleep way long?”

    Several, actually. And in mythology. Xerneas and Yveltal are said to hibernate for a thousand years each.

    “Oooooh, I wonder if anyone wrote a story like, modern retelling, Pokemon got locked in a Pokeball for a hundred years and-- oh, jeez, that’d be horrible. And cool. You could see the future!”

    ...And I’d never see any of my friends again.

    “Oh. Oh, jeez, sorry. And you’d just be… alone and displaced. Uh--”

    It’s alright. I suppose the future would be quite fascinating…

    “Don’t Xatu see the future? You could ask a Xatu what it’s like!”

    “Strawberry doughnut and peppermint hot chocolate?”

    “Here!” Kris grabbed the order, handing the doughnut to Mint. “Hey, wait.”

    The Gardevoir took the treat, biting into it.

    Don’t forget napkins.

    “Napkins! Right! Also, don’t they have a bunch of the rogue Pokemon captured? Has anyone asked them why they’re rogue? Do they still, like, talk?”

    I suspect if they did speak, they’d only be able to record ‘Garde, Gardevoir’.

    “Come on, Minty, you’re not the only telepath here.”

    True, but I suspect the RCPD would be busier containing and neutralizing the threats than finding telepaths. They’re kept on their toes these days.

    “Right… But maybe… uh, maybe you could… Like, if we volunteered…”

    Are you sure, dear? You’ve got quite a lot on your plate already. And there’s also--

    “Yeah… I don’t know. I’ll think about it?”

    They stepped through the automatic doors.

    Well. I’d be willing to ask them, if you asked me to, dear.

    “Or… if we found one?”

    ...If you asked me to, Kris, of course.
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