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New Evolutions to GO Out and See!

New Sinnoh Evolutions
Looks like we will get to see new evolutions coming to Pokemon GO!

There is a new update and additions coming to Pokemon GO. These new Pokemon should get plenty of GO Trainers excited. There are also some changes when it comes to moves. Lastly, plenty of buffs coming to raids.

New Pokemon and Evolutions

One of the biggest additions to Pokemon GO is the new evolutions for Pokemon from previous generations. You can now evolve your Tangela, Aipom, make Kirla, Lickitung, Pinoswine and Yanma into their evolved from. All you need is a Sinnoh Stone to get your Tangrowth, Ambipom, Gallade, Lickilicky, Mamoswine and Yanmega.

There are also plenty of new Pokemon to capture in the wild. You can now catch Cranidos, Shieldon, Glameow and Combee.

If you are excite to hatch some eggs then you are in luck! Mime Jr., Happiny and Bonsly can now be hatched from eggs.

There is a glitch in the game to be aware of. Players will see the option to evolve their male Kirla, male Combee and female Snorunt into Gallade, Vespiquen and Froslass. These Pokemon need to be a specfic gender to evolve into these Pokemon. If you do attempt to evolve these Pokemon these Pokemon then an error message pops up. Niantic had this to say about the glitch.

So keep an eye out for this glitch.

Move Additions and Changes

Plenty of Pokemon got additional moves to diversely their movepool. Some of the most notable ones include Machamp getting a new Charged Move in the form of Rock Slide. Other Pokemon like Snorlax can now use Outrage.

You can see a full list of which Pokemon got new moves on GO Hub.

Raid Buffs

Lastly, Level 3 and above raids have gotten some buffs. These Raid Bosses have now gain a 1.2 multiplier to their stamina. This will make them harder and force players to join up with other players to take them down. Since the re-balance, some Level 3 Raid Bosses have become soloable. This new buff will make them harder to do so.

There will also be more Stardust rewarded for defeating these bosses.

Happy catching!

Source: Pokemon GO

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