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Podcast Central: 200 Episodes of #RoastThatch

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Doing two hundred of something is an amazing feat. There are not many people who have done two hundred of anything who are consider sane. So when a podcast finally has two hundred episode then you better understand that is a big deal.

A huge congratulation to the P.U.C.L. Podcast who have finally released their two hundredth episode after so many years. This is an amazing podcast with amazing people from all over the world. Well, at least in America and Italy. None the less, Thatch and his council are great people who are always worth a listen when you have a chance. I am sure each and every one of them are proud of this achievement and  expecting to keep going with their podcast endeavor until 2017 when Thatch will need to find funds to keep the podcast going for another two years. Until then, keep making those podcasts!

So lets hear about other podcasts! Don’t touch that Totodile!

P.U.C.L. Podcast: Favorite Pokemon- It is a special episode of the P.U.C.L. Podcast as Thatch and the council celebrate their two hundredth episode! What better way then sending two (unfortunate) members of the podcast to retrieve an oil tanker from across the world and a live show! It is a crazy episode as each guest list off their favorite Pokemon and duke it out to see which favorite Pokemon is the better mon. You better make sure to listen to this episode as you learn that Thatch doesn’t know what type is Whimsicott. Learn why this little fluffy ball of awesomeness is the best Pokemon. Make sure to sit down and enjoy this extra long episode of P.U.C.L. which is filled with all kinds of tidbits about the show and it’s history.

Make sure to listen to the last few minutes as it becomes a #RoastThatch-aton.

PKMNCast: Eternally Single Or Pokémon Go– Now to another podcast that is coming close to 200 episodes! SBJ and the crew talk about the latest news involving Pokemon. It is all about Pokemon Go and what could happen with a Pokemon Z. They go over all the aspects of Pokemon Go and what it could be like to have Pokemon in real life. What will happen when you can run outside to catch Pokemon? Will you be super excited or really disappointed when all Pokemon Go is just 3D renders from the video games. Make sure to listen to this episode yourself and not send a substitute.

Pikapi Podcast: The Tournament Begins!– Mako has passed up two hundred episodes a long time ago. This week she is reviewing the start of the Whirl Tournament. What happens when Misty and Ash are rivals? Turns out that they act pretty civilized and rather nice. There is a lot less yelling and that is good as they help a kid and his evolution problem. How many Remoraid is too much and what do you do when so many fish ignore their old friend? Listen to find out!

The Dex! Podcast: Pokemon GO!– The Dex! Crew are talking about Pokemon Go. They go into what they expect from the future game and what it could mean for future Pokemon games. How does this game fit in with a potential Pokemon Z? They even go into details about how Pokemon news is treated outside of gaming fandom. After all, it is rare that Pokemon news make it outside the geeky circles. Hear this and much more in this episode!

Radio Whirlwind: Greener than Zygarde– Illus and the gang are joined live by TrueGreen from YouTube! They go over the big news about Pokemon Go and what a Pokemon Z would be like. There may be some technical issues but it leads to some interesting listening as you see how much a differences a day can make in podcast land.

Podcast Monsters: Holy Matrimony!– All is fair in love, marriage and parents who fake their own deaths to trick their runaway son to come back home! Our Podmon Trainers and Nate Fernald stumbled into a moment just like Ash and friends did in this episode. There are plenty of southern accents thrown around as this episode may be the best they have seen in ages. There are dungeons and human furnished doghouses for all to enjoy! This is an episode that you should hear just to see a Rocket Trio focus episode as they grow closer as a group.

Kanto Cast: Pokemon Z and The Six Month Zelebration– Lastly, Blue and Yellow our column with a six year anniversary! The Kanto Cast is now six months old and they make sure that this episode is done right! They do talk about the big news about Pokemon Z but they do so much more! Right after Yellow’s Game Log and Blue’s How Not to be Terrible is a theory. Blue explains it all as he goes over his theory that spans all the way back to Gen5 where we have kings and underwater ruins. How does a region where things are not so black and white tie into a region where life and death are always in a struggle? Listen to this episode to find out and hear out this theory….A Pokemon theory!

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