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TCG Jump: Featured Match- STALL AND TROLL Deck! Wishiwashi/Xurkitree/Hoopa!

Stall Deck
Want to win without doing any damage?

We took last week off but we are back with a brand new and interesting match! This match will feature YellowSwellow playing Wishiwashi/Xurkitree/Hoopa Stall!

All this deck wants to do is to take hits and stall. How does this deck do this? Simply by putting a Pokemon in the active for the right situation.

Is your opponent playing with an EX or GX heavy deck? Send out Hoopa! His ability will keep him from being damage by EX or GX Pokemon!

Is your opponent playing with mostly Double Colorless Energy? Send out Xukitree GX! His ability will prevent damage done to him from Pokemon with Special Energy attached.

Need to just take a hit without worry of a knockout? Wishiwashi GX has plenty of HP!

If your opponent is able to mount an attack then simply use your various forms of energy denial. This deck also place Acerola to pick up damaged Pokemon and Max Potion to heal off damage. If you want your opponent to deck out then play some Team Rocket Handiwork to discard cards from their deck. Though your opponent may concede the match by the time you do that.

Watch the video below and see YellowSwellow play Wishiwashi/Xurkitree/Hoopa Stall! He does amazing work with this deck. Make sure to watch the last match where he fights against the odd of luck and life.

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