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VIDEO: How The Pokémon Manga Is Censored In English

Censored Manga
Did you know that the Pokemon manga was censored at one point of time?

The late nineties was a crazy time for Pokemon. They were doing so many crazy things with Pokemon brand that would have never be done in the current era of the series. This is especially true with the manga. So much that certain parts had to be censored. That is why we are featuring a video from Censored Gaming on this topic!

Viz Manga use to release several different publications of the Pokemon manga. Granted, everybody knew about Pokemon Adventures. What you may not know that there was also a line called “The Electric Tale of Pikachu”. This line had some pretty risque scenes featuring some of our favorite Pokemon characters. Some of these scenes featured Misty and Jessie.

Watch the video below to see how Viz Media handle these scenes with censorship. There is even an interesting part at the end of the video that features in interview with the manga’s creator. Make sure to watch that!

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