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VIDEO: Re-Designing GEN 1 Pokemon in the GEN 7 Style

Redesign Hypno
What if…some Generation 1 Pokemon got a modern day design?

Pokemon designs have gone though so many changes since 1996. Some may say that Pokemon designed back in Generation 1 have plain looks compare to those from Generation 7. Those people are correct! After all, there is only so much you can do with a Game Boy with shapes and color.

That is why we want to feature a video by Subjectively. This YouTube channel is made up by a group of various artist who have taken upon themselves to look at design! From the idea to just the overall feel of the design. They have plenty of videos looking at Pokemon designs and in the video below they are going to redesign some Generation 1 Pokemon!

Are they fixing these designs? No way! Just giving them a modern day look that matches today’s designs. After all, the idea for some Generation 1 designs are plain for a few reasons. So go ahead and give this video a watch to hear what Subjectively have to say about their redesigns of classic Pokemon.

Now, if you want to hear them fix some Pokemon designs then click here! This first video will give you that and the line about the only way to fix Golbat is to not make it exist.

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