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The Pokemon Crossroads website staff are a fun and friendly bunch of Pokemon fans who work hard to bring you the latest Pokemon news and updates from around the fandom! If you might be interested in joining our team, please contact us at sarah[at]pokemoncrossroads[dot]com.

Site Owner
Harry is the owner of Pokemon Crossroads.
Technical Support

aka ray_quazaa
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I’m a graduate student in Chicago studying Civil Engineering and Transportation Policy and Institutional Decision Making in real life. During off periods, I help keep the lights on at PXR. I also like to play Pokemon on a stationary bike, while.. y’know biking in the real game.


aka MC Elesa
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The person who stumbles around into things and just sticks to them. I am into almost everything involving Pokemon ranging from the anime, manga, TCG and video game. I have been a fan since Generation 1 with my favorite Pokemon being Charizard. I love listening to Pokemon podcasts as I find it fascinating to hear people talk about such an great franchise. Now I find myself secluded in the mountains as I write TCG articles and being on Twitter for PXR.

Senior Editor

aka Noblejanobii
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Hi, I’m NobleJanobii and I’m a senior moderator on the PXR forums as well as a senior editor for the site. I’ve been playing Pokémon since the release of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team and Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. I am a fan of anything and everything Shaymin, with a goal to collect as much Shaymin related paraphernalia as I can. I manage the Crossroads Comics Column, as well as Art/Artist features, Pokémon Center merch updates, and a variety of other articles wherever I am needed. If you have any suggestions for comics that need to be included on my list feel free to email or PM me!

Senior Editor

aka Pokemon Trainer Sarah
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E-mail: sarah(at)pokemoncrossroads(dot)com

Hi, I’m Sarah and I’m currently the head of the PXR forums. I’ve been a Pokemon fan since Red and Blue came out in Australia and as well as playing the games, I enjoy collecting Pokemon stuff, writing and drawing. I am currently studying genetics at university and will one day use my super-science-powers to bring dinosaurs back to life and create my own Bulbasaur. I also write for the PXR website on occasion. I hope you enjoy your time at PXR!

Neo Emolga

aka Neo Emolga
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E-mail: josephCR587(at)gmail(dot)com

Hey there! I’m Neo Emolga and I’m an Admin of PXR! I’ve been playing Pokémon since the original Blue version, but these days I’m more of an enthusiast for the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games. When it comes to favorite Pokémon, mine is easily that awesome electric flying squirrel EMOLGA! Besides Pokémon, I’m into graphic design and have been trying to get a novel published. I’m the writer of the Neo Emolga Masterpiece Mischief column and I’m the host and creator of the Stalkers RPG! Have a good one and enjoy everything PXR has to offer!


aka Kaoru
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AIM: MissyBerlitz
Skype: ts.eyun

I’m Kaoru. You get on my nerves, you’ll be sorry. Just a warning. :) I have been a Pokemon fan since I was five. My very first Pokemon game was Blue, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I joined PE2K in 2007 and PXR in 2013. I currently run the VPP, I am an official and one of the co-heads of the PCBL, and I recently joined the ASB. My favorite colors are purple and pink. My favorite Pokemon are Hydreigon, Jellicent, Togekiss, Lopunny, and Lilligant.


aka Akaichi
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Pokemon’s been a big thing for me for my entire life, from the anime, to collecting cards, to the Games, which I still play and love. So, as a writer, when the chance to write for PxR came, I couldn’t pass it up.


aka Bulbasauri
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Hi, I’m Bulbasaur, but you can call me Eric if you wish. I’ve been playing Pokemon since I was introduced to Pokemon Blue in elementary school by my older brother. I got my own Pokemon game a few years later: Pokemon Diamond for the DS. Besides Pokemon, I like to play music in my spare time.