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  1. Agrassitem's Avatar
    Solid starting team, quite the catch
  2. Neo Emolga's Avatar
    Dang, this dude was adorable! :'(

    Really sorry to hear about Rocket. Losing pets is a real punch to the gut...
  3. Cleobel's Avatar
    @Rival Max Rocket was a really cute ferret. My heart goes out to you as you are grieving the death of your buddy. May he rest in peace.
  4. Noblejanobii's Avatar
    I'm so sorry for your loss, Max. Rocket seems like he was an adorable little troublemaker.
  5. roo's Avatar
    they look super soft
  6. Chakramaster's Avatar
    Still it's an awesome bunch dude! An awesome crew behind an awesome dude!
  7. Rival Max's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Neo Emolga
    Ah, you've chosen wisely to have that Emolga accompany you!

    Many fine blessings upon you for being a most valuable ally to us electric flying squirrels!
    I adore the Emolga plush. It's pretty high quality. I've had it for awhile, the other two are brand new.
  8. Neo Emolga's Avatar
    Ah, you've chosen wisely to have that Emolga accompany you!

    Many fine blessings upon you for being a most valuable ally to us electric flying squirrels!
  9. AD's Avatar
    No one cared who they were until they took of the mask
  10. Bulbasaur's Avatar
    I've been telling you all along! Dinosaur Island is fake!
  11. Caunadan's Avatar
    The Aussie sh*tposters have been sh*tposting and trolling about their nationality the whole time! Should have known...
  12. Brettles's Avatar
    "I say old chap, verily what art thou alluding with thy discussion, hencefoth?"

    oops I mean

    "Yeah, nah, G'day mate! All bonza down here! Flat out like a lizard drinking! Strewth!"
  13. Suicune's Fire's Avatar
    if (identityQuestioned)
    "I do assure you, life form, that we are humans participating in regular human activities as consuming sustenance, becoming willingly unconscious for recovery purposes, and engaging in regular respiration.";
  14. AD's Avatar
    I am proud of you, Max
  15. Suicune's Fire's Avatar
    Wow that's impressive! Great job, Joe! O: I do not have the patience for this. XD
  16. Neo Emolga's Avatar

    Holy crap dude, that's impressive! I was only ever willing to complete the PokeDex on the original Blue version. After that, I kind of stopped caring enough. XD
  17. EmeraldSky's Avatar
    I heard that MS Paint will still live on as an app in the MS App Store
  18. Neo Emolga's Avatar
    Even as the Photoshop junkie I am, thats lame for them to do that. 2D art will always have a place. And I've had to use Paint while at work simply for clipboard stuff.
  19. Pokemon Trainer Sarah's Avatar
    I think it'll be ok. Even if they remove it (not sure if this is what they intend or they just mean they won't update it anymore) I'm sure you can download a copy of it from somewhere to use. :)

    But geez what a lame move by Microsoft! Paint is still great for lots of stuff and Paint 3D (which it seems like they wanna replace Paint with) is overcomplicated. I don't even know if you can draw single pixels on there and I'm not sure about the cool eraser trick you can use to recolour sprites with. Definitely gonna try and keep a copy of paint. I use it all the time for resizing stuff even when I can't bothered opening Photoshop!
  20. Pokemon Trainer Sarah's Avatar
    Ugh that sucks so much. I hope it's good news on the scans. I'll be thinking of you hooligan! Take care of yourself and stay strong. You'll get through this! Miss you!
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