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  1. uuuuu blog

    aye whats up baybeeeee

    i've been watching kamen rider
  2. 2goo4u

    hes 2 goo 4 u.

    So, I was playing X/Y and got to Route 14. I did all the events. Some Pokedex battle or something like that, I dunno. I went into the forest on Route 14 and found Goomy as my third Pokemon. I'm wondering if I should put it onto my team, but it's only great stat is Sp.Def. Everything else is in the 30's range except for Speed, which is 28. But, it evolves in 10 levels...Hmm.

  3. Some People...

    Some people...should not be allowed to know Pokemon. Last night, I was in the Lobby chat of Showdown! after my battle with Sandy. People were talking about the best type when suddenly, someone says this about the Ice-type:

    Breloominati: ice didnt exist gen 1

    I then asked him what he said. Of course, with one certain word that's not important. Then, he played smart with me and said:

    Breloominati: indigo, you can obviously see it up there in chat. (I'm ...
  4. LG Monotype Run 1 [Flying] - Never Ask Caleb.

    This is all because of Caleb. Well, not all of it. Some of it. It all started last night when I wanted to do a runthrough of Leaf Green. I asked Skype. Sabi said to do a Monotype run. :> But then, I made a mistake.

    I asked Caleb. (XaiakuX)

    You don't seem to get it.

    I asked Caleb. He said to do a Flying-type run. "Oh, no big deal," you must be thinking.

    [9/8/2013 5:01:38 PM] Caleb Martin: Hmm
    [9/8/2013 5:01:52 PM] Caleb ...
  5. Becoming fancier~

    I'm becoming fancier and stuff! :D I've got the basics of GIMP down, which was used to create my avatar and banner, so, now on to the even fancier stuff! Like shards and curved edges!

    its like christmas up in here
  6. Grilled Cheese

    Did you know if you divide squirrel by the square root of pi, then subtract the sum of the dividend, you get grilled cheese?
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