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  1. An Apology of Sorts..

    I have said things and done things in my past that I look back on and wish I hadn't said. I trust I'm not the only one who can say this. However, I also live my life never regretting and decision that I make in my life. Because every decision that I make becomes a lesson to learn from.

    With that mentality I would like to apologize to every single person who reads this, and every single person on this forum. I said and did some things that I wish I hadn't. The main thing that I did
  2. WAR

    Updated 04-14-2016 at 01:07 PM by Ganyu

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  3. Jupiter Mining Corporation: Captain's Log

    With weeks to go until the ship returns to Earth for the WAR, we are drastically understaffed. Recruitment holovids have been sent out across the galaxy noting the benefits of joining the Jupiter Mining Corporation and specific skillsets have been targeted with personal campaigns.

    If any citizens of Earth are reading this, it is your duty as a human to enlist in the Jupiter Mining Corporation for the WAR effort, to help spread humanity's influence across this galaxy, and any ...
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